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The American Film Institute has been churning out list after list these past few years. Some of them border on insanity for some of the choices when others are basically obvious. How they missed Ferris Bueller's Day Off for one of the Top 100 Comedies ever, I'll never know!

Citizen KaneThe A.F.I. 100 Greatest Movies Ever: In theory. For the most part these are great choices, but there are a few that makes one raise an eyebrow over. And of course you will be able to find a few of your favourites didn't make the list, but if you have a beef, my advice is join the A.F.I. so it never happens again.

The Marx BrothersA.F.I. - 100 Greatest Comedies For the most part I agree with a lot of choices on this list. There are some great comedies here...however, having both tootsie and Some Like It Hot as the top two makes it seems as if there is nothing funnier than men dressing as women.

A.F.I. 100 Greatest Thrillers: Okay, I have to admit, this is the list that never made a lot of sense to me. Even though we have included the A.F.I. criteria as to what makes 'a thriller' I have to say...The Wizard of Oz? Come on...were they letting just anyone in to the party?

Casablanca - BogartAFI - 25 Greatest Silver Screen Legends (Male)Audrey Hepburn: We tried something a little different with our legends of the silver screens adding quotes and a few pix. Of course, we did the same for the AFI - 25 Greatest Silver Screen Legends (Female).

Gregory PeckAFI - 25 Greatest HeroesAnthony Hopkins: These two lists, heroes and villains, are a massive source of debating...I mean, Batman? Hero...or Vigilante...discuss amongst yourselves. AFI - 25 Greatest Villains.

CasablancaThe A.F.I. 100 Greatest Love/Romance/Passion Movies Ever: These are not just tales of love, and rarely do they end happily, but tales of passion, lust, obsessiveness...how else could movies like Body Heat or Vertigo make the list? You have to remind yourself of that once or twice while looking at this list.

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