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When we were creating this site we had our eyes primarily on the realm of DVDs and while that holds true we also want to show the world more than just the typical A-List Movies.

So many films from childhood, or Sunday afternoon hangovers have let films like Hell Comes To Frogtown or Carnival of Souls and every single Roger Corman film out there. They have more than cult followings and don't apply to the rules of Hollywood.

And as horrible as this may sound, the directors of a B-Movie will kill a child for the storyline, they will knock off the beloved pet of a cute character and when it comes right down to it, they won't compromise the artistic vision they have. They will have that neo-nazi lesbian with the mythical double barrelled machine gun save the day if need be! God bless those B-Movie directors, every last blood drenched one of them.

Barbara Leigh as VampirellaBarbara Leigh Interview: Barbara Leigh has been there and done it all. From sexploitation to blaxplotation and on-set with the A-list crowd like Steve McQueen and Rock Hudson. Barbara gives a look back at her career and talks about her new book King, Queen and The Love Machine describing her times with Elvis, Steve McQueen and Jim Aubrey.

Suzi SimpsonSuzi Simpson Interview: "You need a lot of preparation if you really want to do a good job on the creative craft of acting. Very few are naturals. I have been coached and have attended various workshops and studios. I also like to write, in fact, it's my first love so it cracks me up that I keep getting thrown in front of the camera but if I keep getting offered parts who am I to say no right?!" (More...)

Brinke Stevens BiographyBrinke Stevens Biography: Brinke is not the stereotypical version of a B-Movie actress (in this day and age, few are). She is not just a sharp minded business woman. With a Double-major in biology and psychology at San Diego State and seven languages behind her, there's a lot more to this woman than her on-screen persona. (More...)

Darian Caine Biography: I believe, if I have cause to think back so far and ponder such things, that Darian Cane was the last interview I ever did at Videoflicks.com. The woman has appeared in over 30 films in the last 6 years which, if you know Seduction Cinema, is about par for the course. You can read more about her here.

Seduction Cinema: Believe it or not Seduction Cinema is not a porn company but a film company that utilizes the history of B-Movies to the fullest. A lot of skin, sometimes a plot or the good intentions of a plot, and those people trying to get a foot in the film world, be it actor, writer, director or crew member. Hey, Francis Ford Coppola and James Cameron both had their start on Roger Corman flicks, who knows the talent that could be found lurking on Seduction Cinema DVD? (more...)

Lana ClarksonLana Clarkson Found Dead At Phil Spector's House: Sure, it sounds like something out of a James Ellroy novel right? A gorgeous B-Movie actress with titles like Deathstalker and Barbarian Queen (1 and 2) on her resume. Record Producer/millionaire recluse Phil Spector and a limo driver outside who heard the gunshots and called police. What went on inside the house is not known.
Lana's Biography

Roger Corman's Nurses Come To DVD

Ah, the 70's. Such an oddly innocent time in a way. Where else can you have Nurses, Student Nurses battling drug cartels, discussing abortion and other such issues as the slowly take off their tops for the cameras? Well, nowhere else but in a Roger Corman film, really.
Take note...these films may have been churned out pretty quickly but they were the stepping grounds for many including Jonathan Kaplan. Kaplan directed Night Call Nurses and by the late 80's was acclaimed for his film The Accused which brought Jodie Foster an Academy Award.

Roger Corman's Nurse Titles:
Night Call Nurses
Private Duty Nurses
Student Nurses
Young Nurses

Lloyd Kaufman's book - All I Need To Know About Filmmaking I Learned From The Toxic Avenger.Lloyd Kaufman Biography: I have a group of people I admire in the cinema industry, some alive, some not so much, Lloyd Kaufman fits well within that range. I saw The Toxic Avenger when I was fifteen and it showed me that not all films are perfectly put together, that one didn't have to go to a fancy film school to make successful flicks. One just needed, sex, stunts and maybe a sense of the bizarre.

Voodoo Academy - Directed by David DeCoteauDavid DeCoteau: After 20 years of film making DeCoteau has been involved with over 50 movies in almost any genre that you can conjure up: action, sci-fi, horror, family, fantasy, drama, comedy, western films and believe it or not, even homo-erotic B-Film. (more...)

Coffy PosterBlaxploitation Movies: The real genre of blaxploitation really existed from around 1970 to 1980 and while never conforming to one genre or another they were mainly a cultural collision on celluloid. (more...)

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