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Seduction Cinema? Are You Putting Us On?

It may seem bizarre to some to realize that a company like Seduction Cinema exists. After all, if this is the material they are interested in putting out then why do they not simply make porn?

Basically, believe it or not, because Seduction Cinema is not a porn company but a film company that utilizes the history of B-Movies to the fullest. A lot of skin, sometimes a plot or the good intentions of a plot, and those people trying to get a foot in the film world, be it actor, writer, director or crew member. Hey, Francis Ford Coppola and James Cameron both had their start on Roger Corman flicks, who knows the talent that could be found lurking on Seduction Cinema DVD?

Now that's not to say that these are overly great movies (for the most part...they are not), well acted...but in the tradition of the 60's nudie flicks they have upped the ante and entered the 90's/New Milennium. While I would find it hard to recommend any of these titles to conventional film fans...those who enjoy camp, Z-Grade digital/film making or hell, just a bunch of nude women running around sometimes...then you will find your treasures here without getting into the ugly territory of having porn in your DVD player.

Seduction Cinema on DVD

Please note, prices listed are subject to change at the whim of the vendor. If you see a price different from our site to the one's listed, please let us know.
Amazon (US$)
DVDEmpire (US$)
Caress of the Vampire
Caress of the Vampire 2: Teenage Ghoul Girl a Go-Go (1997)
Caress of the Vampire 3
Titanic 2000
Tender Flesh
Dinosaur Valley Girls
Mistress of Seduction
Hot Vampire Nights
Vampire's Seduction
Erotic Survivor 2
In the Flesh/Blood Bullets Buffoons
Nude Cardiovascular Workout
I Like Girls Who Do
Inn of 1000 Sins
Psycho Sisters
Santa Claws
Lust for Frankenstein
Lethal Seduction
Demon Lust aka Eyes Are Upon You

Other Seduction Cinema Titles:

DVD 'Special Features' INFO

A lot of these Seduction Cinema titles come with a huge amount of extras, in some cases an extra film ... of course, this depends on the title but for the most part you will find at the least, trailers, interviews with the girls, even some commentaries believe it or not. That is one thing you can't say about S.C.. They don't skimp on the Special Features.

Evil Ash

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