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Books On Acting: This was my first page of Movie Books on acting, auditioning and so on and so forth. As time has passed the amount of literature added to the site has grown.

Agents and How To Survive Them: This long list of books is here to help the actor, struggling or not, how to weave their way to the proper agent and once obtained, surviving the ordeal. Almost everyone, even non-actors, have agent stories, you'll probably end up with a few of them, even if you read all these books, but every little bitof info helps when striving for the cure.

Books On Auditions: Hey, the audition process is one of the hardest yet most important things an actor can master...so here is a compiled list of some hand dandy books that might just help you become the next (Insert Your Favorite Actor/Actress here)!

Books On Getting That Elusive Commercial Gig: Hey, A lot of great actors have done commercial work...some get it when they are established like Bill Cosby or Woody Allen but then there are other's who had their first exposure in commercials, like Rachel Leigh Cook in theat revamp of the 'this is your brain on drugs' campaign or Lea Thompson working for Burger King...I love that one myself.

Books on Improvisation: To be quick to the point, if it has Viola Spolin's name on it, it may lean towards being a bit on the dry side, but it is definitely on the must-own and read list of any performer who is seriously considering taking up Improv. I spent a spell taking the Second City classes and did my brief stint on stage and found her books were helpful not only in understanding Improv better, but why the stupid games you play in classes are actually not so stupid.

Monologues: Generally there's no way around it. If you land the audition, 99.9999% of the time you are going to have to read for the director or the casting the director. So, these books will help you master some monologues, encourage the proper speech patterns as well as make for some fine literary reading that you might not otherwise be exposed to.

Books On Stage Fright: You may be the best actor in the world, but if you can not tread right up to those footlights and perform, or you chock when the director calls 'action!'...well, you're screwed. You won't be in the business long. And despite what this section sounds like, even the pro's get stage fright, some throwing up every night before they go on stage, so take heed and check these titles out.

Books On The Method, Stanislavski: Delving Deeper Into Your Character and other Acting Techniques Actually, not all of these books are about 'The Method', some of them are about utilizing other forms of acting techniques and can be pretty varied. There's even a book or two on stand up in here. A little something for every one interested in the various forms of the acting craft.

Books On Voice Work: Every time I hear the phrase voice work I recall Dustin Hoffman's speech at the Oscar's one year where he discusses the acting community as a family and details how his award was for everyone who practiced an accent while driving a cab or waiting on tables. I know, an odd little connection, but there it is. Anyway, these books cover voice acting for radio, animation and generally learning different accents to build your versatility.

Women In Acting Books: Despite what Hollywood will have you believe, there are women's roles out there, even if you have to kick, scratch and punch someone in the eye to find them, they are there. This list of books covers not only some great and significant moments in women acting history but hits out on race, gender issues and lists a few of the women who really helped pave the way.

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