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John Belushi - College
John Belushi - College
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Improvisation Books Worth Reading: To be quick to the point, if it has Viola Spolin's name on it, it may lean towards being a bit on the dry side, but it is definitely on the must-own and read list of any performer who is seriously considering taking up Improv. I spent a spell taking the Second City classes and did my brief stint on stage and found her books were helpful not only in understanding Improv better, but why the stupid games you play in classes are actually not so stupid. I have highlighted all of her books in the list below but some of these others might be worth checking out as well! If you are looking for more books on film check our Main Movie Books Index page.

Theater Games for the Lone Actor by Viola Spolin

Whose Improv Is It Anyway?: Beyond Second City by Amy E. Seham

Spontaneous Performance: Acting Through Improv by Marsh Cassady

Improvisation for the Theater: A Handbook of Teaching and Directing Techniques (Drama and Performance Studies), 3rd Edition by Viola Spolin, Paul Sills (Editor)

Impro for Storytellers by Keith Johnstone

Improvisation: Use What You Know, Make Up What You Don't Brad Newton, Bradley R. Newton.

Improvisation for the Theater: A Handbook of Teaching and Directing Techniques (Drama and Performance Studies) by Viola Spolin, Paul Sills (Editor).

Theatre Games and Beyond: A Creative Approach for Performers by Amiel Schotz

Acting Interactive Theatre: A Handbook by Gary F. Izzo, Gary Azzo.

Let's Improvise: Becoming Creative, Expressive & Spontaneous Through Drama Milton E. Polsky.

Drama Improvised: A Source Book for Teachers and Therapists - Kenneth Pickering.

Playing Along: 37 Group Learning Activities Borrowed from Improvisational Theater - Izzy Gesell.

Creative Drama and Music Methods: Introductory Activities for Children - Margaret Merrion, Janet E. Rubin.

Improv!: A Handbook for the Actor by Greg Atkins

Action Theater: The Improvisation of Presence by Ruth Zaporah

Playbuilding Guide for Group Creation of Plays With Young People by Errol Bray.

Truth in Comedy: The Manual of Improvisation by Charna Halpern

Interactive Acting: Acting, Improvisation, and Interacting for Audience Participatory Theatre by Jeff Wirth.

Rehearsals for Growth: Theater Improvisation for Psychotherapists by Daniel J. Weiner.

Acting Games: Improvisations and Exercises: A Textbook of Theatre Games and Improvisations by Marsh Gary Cassady

Improve With Improv!: A Guide to Improvisation and Character Development by Brie Jones

The Actor's Scenebook: Scenes for Beginning Actors to Create by Mack Owen.

The Best of Second City: Chicago's Famed Improv Theatre (Audio Theatre Series) The Second City Comedy Troupe, et al. Audio Cassette (January 1993)

Games for Actors and Non-Actors by Augusto Boal, Adrian Jackson (Translator)

Improv Comedy by Andy Goldberg

Comedy Improvisation: Exercises and Technique for Young Actors by Delton T. Horn

Improvisation Starters: A Collection of 900 Improvisation Situations for the Theater by Philip Bernardi

Theater Game File (Index Cards and Handbook) by Viola Spolin

Impro: Improvisation and the Theatreby Keith Johnstone

Theater Games for Rehearsal: A Director's Handbook by Viola Spolin

Theatre Games for Young Performers: Improvisations and Exercises for Developing Acting Skills by Maria C. Novelly

Improvisations in Creative Drama: Workshops and Dramatic Sketches for Students by Betty Keller

Training to Imagine: Practical Improvisational Theatre Techniques to Enhance Creativity, Teamwork, Leadership, and Learning by Kat Koppett

Improvisation John Reed Hodgson, Ernest Richards.

The Young Actor's Book of Improvisation: Dramatic Situations from Shakespeare

The Young Actor's Book of Improvisation Dramatic Situations from Shakespeare to Spielberg: Ages 12-16

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