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Books On Stage Fright: You may be the best actor in the world, but if you can not tread right up to those footlights and perform, or you chock when the director calls 'action!'...well, you're screwed. You won't be in the business long. And despite what this section sounds like, even the pro's get stage fright, some throwing up every night before they go on stage, so take heed and check these titles out. If you are looking for more books on film check our Main Movie Books Index page.

White Knuckle Speaking: Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking by Andy Ruppanner

Secrets of Power Presentations: Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking, Build Rapport and Credibility With Your Audience, Prepare and Deliver a dynami by Micki Holliday

Stage Fright by Melanie Stewart

Speaking Without Fear or Nervousness by Helen Sutton

In The SpotLight: Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking and Performing by Janet E. Esposito

The New Talkpower: The Mind Body Way to Speak Without Fear by Natalie H. Rogers

Public Speaking Anxiety: Conquering the Fear of Public Speaking by Todd L. Thomas

Speak Easy: Overcome the Number One Fear by Lillian D. Bjorseth

How to Conquer the Fear of Public Speaking and Other Coronary Threats by Max D. Isaacson

Evil Ash

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