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Father Ted

Father Ted: The Cast List
Dermot Morgan - Father Ted Crilly
Ardal O'Hanlon - Father Dougal McGuire
Frank Kelly - Father Jack Hackett
Pauline McLynn - Mrs. Joan Doyle

What's Father Ted All About?

Father Ted Crilly (Dermot Morgan), Father Dougal Maguire (Ardal O'Hanlon) and Father Jack Hackett (Frank Kelly) have been banished to remote Craggy Island by Bishop Len Brennan (Jim Norton) because of various misdemeanours and character defects.

Ted was involved in something shady financially, young Dougal is well meaning and a complete innocent of all things worldly although there is a hint that he may have been responsible for a few unfortunate deaths (however, as he says, 'they were only nuns') and Father Jack is a semi-conscious reprobate who when not asleep is either screaming abuse, screaming for drink or just screaming. Mrs Doyle is the housekeeper from hell, constantly afloat on a sea of tea, she keeps a watchful eye on the priests and their misadventures over an ever boiling kettle.

Only 3 seasons were ever completed as shortly after series 3 was wrapped, Dermot Morgan, at age 45, died of a heart attack.

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Father Ted: Season 1
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Father Ted On DVD:

Series 1: Includes the following episodes

Series One (21 Apr 95 - 26 May 95)

Good Luck, Father Ted (Aired: 21 Apr 95)
Ted gets the chance to appear on "Faith of our Fathers", the prestigious Eireann telly show. Could this be the opportunity for him to find television stardom and escape from Craggy Island? Sadly, no. His best efforts, and some of his worst, are frustrated by Father Dougal and Father Jack and the arrival of Funland - the world's worst funfair.

Entertaining Father Stone (Aired: 28 Apr 95)
For six years, Father Stone has been coming to Craggy Island, which is at least seven years too many for Ted, Dougal and Jack. Ted tries everything to get him to go, but when Father Stone finds himself on the receiving end of a bolt of lightning, he becomes equally desperate to get him back.

The Passion Of St. Tibulus (Aired: 5 May 95)
The controversial movie "The Passion of St. Tibulus" has been banned by the Pope but through some loophole is being shown on Craggy Island. Bishop Brennan asks Father Ted and Dougal to get the film withdrawn, and as a result of their protest, it becomes the most successful film in the cinema's history.

Competition Time (Aired: 12 May 95)
The "All Priests Look-a-like Competition" has come around again and Henry Sellers, host of the almost popular "Morning Quiz," is coming to judge it. Ted is determined that this year he will defeat his fellow priests from Rugged Island. Ted has a plan and Henry Sellers has an unfortunate sip of sherry.

And God Created Woman (Aired: 19 May 95)
Novelist Polly Clarke, author of the steamy "Bejeweled with Kisses," comes to stay on the Island and Ted mistakenly believes she has fallen for him. Will it be bright lights, glamour, excitement and a new life for Ted? Or will Polly Decide to give it all up and become a nun?

Grant Unto Him Eternal Rest (Aired: 26 May 95)
: Father Jack consumes more floor polish than is good for him, but he leaves Ted and Dougal half a million pounds. But will he stay dead long enough for them to get it?

Series 2 (8 Mar 96 - 10 May 96): Includes all the episodes as well as writer's commentary on the audio tracks.

Hell (Aired: 8 Mar 96)
: It's July, and time for the three fathers' annual holiday to Kilkelly Caravan Park. With two places of interest to visit ('The Magic Road' and 'Saint Kevin's Stump') the stage is set for an incredibly exciting two weeks. But a suspicious couple living nearby, an over-excitable youth group and a lot of rain all conspire to turn the trip into a Dante-esque experience.

Think Fast, Father Ted (Aired: 15 Mar 96)
: With a leaky roof threatening to collapse on Father Jack at any moment, Ted receives a car from Bishop Brennan to give away in a fund-raising raffle. But when a bit of amateur bodywork goes badly wrong, Ted, Dougal and Jack are forced to borrow another car from Father Liam Finnegan, the Dancing Priest. But how are they going to get it back when someone wins it in the raffle? Ted has a plan...

Tentacles Of Doom (Aired: 22 Mar 96)
: Father Ted receives word that the Holy Stone of Clonrichert, Craggy Island's most popular religious knick-knack, is to be upgraded to a class II relic. Three bishops arrive on the island to perform the solemn ceremony, and Father Ted is determined that Father Dougal and Father Jack be on their best behaviour. However, a crisis of faith, a faulty toilet and an overbearing bishop result in death, destruction and horror.

The Old Grey Whistle Theft (Aired: 29 Mar 96)
: The arrival of a rebellious young priest, Father Damien Lennon, coincides with the theft of a whistle owned by Craggy Island's officious picnic area supervisor, Mr. Benson. As the islanders become hysterical about the breakdown of law and order, Sergeant Hodgins, drawing on all the police resources at his disposal, begins to suspect a priest is responsible...

Song For Europe (Aired: 5 Apr 96)
: Inspired by Dougal's enthusiasm, and driven on by his rivalry with Father Dick Byrne, Ted decides to enter the 1996 Eurosong Contest. To this end, he and Dougal 'borrow' a turn from an old Eurosong hopeful ("We'll just be celebrating their memory. Don't tell anyone, incidentally") and enter it as their own. With inspired lyrics, a jaunty tune and the right attitude, they stand a good chance. But fate has one more card to deal.

The Plague (Aired: 12 Apr 96)
: Father Dougal is very excited about his new pet rabbit, Sampras. Meanwhile Bishop Brennan is due to arrive to investigate a case of suspected nude sleepwalking by Father Jack. An incident in a lift in New York has left the bishop with an intense rabbit phobia, so Sampras must be kept well hidden. However the sudden proliferation of rabbits leads to a crisis situation...

Rock-a-Hula Ted (Aired: 19 Apr 96)

Cigarettes And Alcohol And Rollerblading (Aired: 26 Apr 96)
: With Easter fast approaching, Father Dick Byrne suggests that he and Ted call a truce and get on with the important business of sacrificing something for Lent. Ted gives up cigarettes, Jack gives up drink ( or at least, Ted hides his drink) and Dougal gives up rollerblading. When they fall at the first hurdle, they ask for assistance from a strict order of militant nuns. Help arrives in the form of Sister Assumpta, and their idea of self-sacrifice is soon radically re-defined as a strict ten step road to spirituality is rigorously enforced.

New Jack City (Aired: 3 May 96)
: Father Jack's incredibly hairy hands seem to indicate that he is suffering from a common complaint that afflicts old priests. He is hurriedly sent off to the St. Clabbert's Old Priests' Home for immediate treatment. However, Jack's replacement seems to be even more trouble than the great man himself, so Ted and Dougal decide to mount a 'Guns of Navarone'-style rescue operation to get him back.

Flight Into Terror (Aired: 10 May 96)
: Flying back from a visit to a particularly holy shrine, our priestly trio find themselves in mortal danger when Father Fay, the Monkey Priest of Killybashangel, goes mad in the cockpit and causes Dougal to do something really, really stupid. With only a cupful of fuel left, Ted comes up with a top-notch plan on how to decide who gets the last two parachutes.

Special: A Christmassy Ted (Aired: 24 Dec 96)

Series 3 (13 Mar 98 - 1 May 98)

Are You Right There, Father Ted? (13 Mar 98)
Chirpy Burpy Cheap Sheep (20 Mar 98)
Speed 3 (27 Mar 98)
The Mainland (3 Apr 98)
Escape From Victory (10 Apr 98)
Kicking Bishop Brennan Up The Arse (17 Apr 98)
Night Of The Nearly Dead (24 Apr 98)
Going To America (1 May 98)

Evil Ash

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