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Spider-Man: "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility"

For more info on the Spider-man Movie (THE movie of 2002) then click here!

In the early 60's the superhero was making a comeback in comic books. Interest in the war comics was waning and DC was leading the pack with such success stories as their Justice League of America. Marvel comics needed a superhero team and it was up to writer/artists Stan Lee and Jack Kirby to create this new comic. In November of 1961 came The Fantastic Four. This was the beginning of the golden age for Marvel. Stan Lee would be the man from there on in. His creations and innovations would be the forefront of a new style of comic book hero.

After the success of the Fantastic Four, Stan Lee approached publisher Martin Goodman about a Spider-hero. Originally thought to be too creepy a premise Goodman wisely let Lee follow his idea for a short story to appear in Amazing Fantasy #15. It was a little read comic so it seemed a harmless enough thing to do.

For those of you who were forbidden comics or pop-culture of any sort until they moved out of their parents house...Peter Parker aka Spider-man was a geeky high school student whom after being bitten by a radioactive spider gained the proportional strength of a spider, the ability to stick to surfaces, and his "spider-sense".

What makes Spider-man unique was his everyday world problems colliding with his crime fighting ones. For the longest time in the early issues he was believed by the public to be a criminal, a fact J. Jonah Jameson would trumpet in the pages of the Daily Bugle.

Spiderman the movie The sad part of the story comes from Spider-mans reasons for fighting crime. His guardian, Uncle Ben, was murdered by a robber whom He only turned to fighting crime after the death of his guardian Uncle by a criminal, a criminal Peter had had the chance to stop mere days before. Thus came what was the phrase that was to form the backbone of the Spider-man series to this day... "with great power, comes great responsibility." In March of 1963 Spider-man received his own title: The Amazing Spider-man.

Fox Spider-man Titles: is the only site I have been able to dig up these VHS titles at. I know DVDwolf is primarily a DVD website but I used to work for these guys and I realise all you readers want these titles. Although they are a Canadian website they sell primarily to the US in US Dollars.

Please note, prices listed are subject to change at the whim of the vendor. If you see a price different from our site to the one's listed, please let us know.

Price Comparison Table
Videoflicks (US$)
Amazon (US$)
Forgotten Warriors
Spider-man Insidious Six
Spider-man Mutant Agenda
Spider-man Neogenic Nightmare
Spider-man Revenge of the Goblin
Spider-man Secret Wars
Spider-man Spider Slayer
Spider-man Tablet Of Time
Spider-man Sins of the Father
Spider-man The Venom Saga
Spider-man The Hobgoblin
Spider-man Dr. Doom
Spider-man Spidey Goes Hollywood
Spider-man Pied Piper Of New York Town
Spider-man Hunter & The Hunted
Spider-man and Friends The Origin
Spider-man and Friends The Origin

Evil Ash

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