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X-Men X-Men: "Mutation: it is the key to our evolution. It has enabled us to evolve from a single-celled organism into the dominant species on the planet. This process is slow, and normally taking thousands and thousands of years. But every few hundred millennia, evolution leaps forward." Patrick Stewart as Professor Xavier in X-Men.

For more info on the X-Men Sequel (Slated for 2003) then click here!

Wolverine In September of 1964 Jack Kirby and Stan Lee were already legends in the biz having created Spider-man, The Hulk, The Fantastic Four to name but a few. At the time the team consisted only of Cyclops, Marvel Girl (Jean Gray), Ice Man and The Beast. Surprisingly the title was not immediately a success and after 66 comics began to reprint the old material and new material was ceased.

Then in 1975, something unique happened. A giant size X-Men No. 1 was released. This new version of the old title featured the first appearances of Storm, Nightcrawler, Banshee, and Colossus. The success of this one-off test drive brought new interest. The title returned as a monthy, now written by Chris Claremont and continued on from X-Men No. 94.

X-Men The rest has just been success story after success story. The animated shows gained huge numbers with the fans and then the unthinkable came about. A movie version was announced. It became a game with my friends and I to cast the roles and the only person anyone ever agreed on totally was that Patrick Stewart was the man to play Professor Xavier. Bryan Singer, the director of X-Men seems to have agreed and when the first film was released to huge fan-fare it did not disappoint. With a budget of $75 million it went on to gross over $157 million in the U.S. alone. A sequel is currently in the works...which you can read about here.

X-Men Titles:

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Price Comparison Table
Videoflicks (US$)
Amazon (US$)
DVD Empire (US$)
X-Men The Movie (DVD)
X-Men Sanctuary/Proteus/Weapon X (Animated DVD)
X-Men Phoenix Saga (Animated DVD)
X-Men Reunion/Out of the Past (Animated DVD)

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