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Claire of the Moon


One woman's journey into her sexual identity.

Satirist Claire Jabrowski and Dr. Noel Benedict, author of a controversial study on sexual behavior, find themselves as a veritable "odd couple" while sharing a cabin at the annual Arcadia Women's Writer Retreat in the Pacific Northwest. Claire's bravado combined with her promiscuous lifestyle continually disturb Noel, who is trying to recover from a disastrous love affair.

Through encounter sessions conducted by Maggie, the openly gay and outrageous host, the two maintain their philosophical differences, but cannot deny their attraction to each other.

Sensual, provocative, and deeply intimate, Claire Of The Moon is a movie in which women find each other, and in the process, discover a new path to themselves.

Director: Nicole Conn

Damon Craig, Faith McDevitt, Trisha Todd and Karen Trumbo

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Claire of the Moon

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Video: Standard 1.33:1

Audio: ENGLISH: Dolby Digital Stereo

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