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Queer As Folk At Wolfe Video

Kiss Me Guido: When apartment-hunting Frankie Zito reads the classifies ad, he doesn't know GWM means "Gay White Male." He figures it means "Guy With Money"-and he's sure he'll soon have enough cash to qualify.

With plenty of laughs and good-hearted exuberance, Kiss Me Guido puts lifestyles on a comic collision course. One hilarious mix-up follows another as straight-arrow Frankie (Nick Scotti), a pizza maker from the Bronx, comes to terms with Greenwich Village gay culture... and his new roomie, actor/choreographer Warren (Anthony Barrile), comes to terms with Frankie.

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Kiss Me Guido

Kizuna 1: Handsome and charismatic high school fencing champion Ranmaru Samejima is hit by a car meant to kill Enjoji, his boyfriend. Enjoji's love and support helps Ranmaru with a difficult and successful rehabilitation from paralysis. Cut to years later, when the loving bliss of the college-going boyfriends is greatly disturbed by the entrance of Enjoji's half brother Sagano, who has fallen in love with Ranmaru. A love triangle is at the center of the drama in this riveting anime which will appeal to gay and straight romantics alike.

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Kizuna 1
$26.96 Includes Both Kizuna 1 And 2 on one DVD!

Evil Ash

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