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Queer As Folk At Wolfe Video

Relax... It's Just Sex!: A captivating romantic comedy that features an impressive Hollywood-studded cast and revolves around the tangled relationships and love affairs of an extended group of close-knit friends. They include the sexy, straight ringleader Tara (Jennifer Tilly) who's desperate to have a child with Gus (Perez); her best friend Vincey, a love-lorn gay playwright; lesbian Robin (Lori Petty), who pines after the voluptuous Sarina (Williams) who in turn is in a dying long-term affair with Megan (Thomas) who claims the two haven't had good sex since Martina won at Wimbledon. This diverse group of people navigates the treacherous waters of romance, love and sex.

Relax...It's Just Sex addresses the issues of sex in the 90's with humor and sensitivity. Centering around an eclectic group of thirtysomething friends in LA. Tara (Jennifer Tilly) is a sexy and witty woman whose biological clock is ticking with a boyfriend who isn't ready for children. Meanwhile, Tara's best friend, Vincey, (Mitchell Anderson), is a gay playwright still searching for Mr. Right while longtime couple Megan (Serena Scott Thomas) and Sarina (Cynda Williams) break up over Megan's affair with a man. Throw in a couple of hopeless crushes, a violent clash with street thugs, and you've got a hilarious romantic comedy with a stunning twist ending.

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Relax... It's Just Sex!

Evil Ash

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