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All About The Benjamins
All About The Benjamins (Soundtrack)

All About The Benjamins All About The Benjamins Review

Directed By: Kevin Bray
Starring: Ice Cube, Mike Epps, Tommy Flanagan, Anthony Michael Hall and Eva Mendes.

Synopsis: Expert Miami bounty hunter Bucum Jackson (Ice Cube) is in hot pursuit of bail-jumper and fast-talking con man Reggie Reed (Mike Epps). When their wild chase lands the pair right in the middle of a major diamond heist, Jackson and Reed are unexpectedly confronted with the opportunity of a lifetime.

All About the Benjamins...went in expecting a completely dull, insipid, stupid little enemies turned buddies caper flick...and while the last half is right, I enjoyed most of it, even laughing out loud at some parts.

It's not really thanks to the script which has some very messy moments but mainly thanks to Ice Cube, so great in Tresspass, Three Kings and Boyz in the Hood one wonders why he isn't constantly singled out for praise for his work while others are always in your face with their mediocrity. He also has a Denzel Washington (who has one of the screen's greatest disarming smiles) smile that he can always play for a laugh.

Mike Epps (from Next Friday and How High) was apparently asked to mimic Martin Lawrence and like Lawrence, this in your face goofiness annoyed from the first few frames, unlike Lawrence though, when Epps reigns it and plays his character straight I begin to like him more.

An action comedy buddy flick with some fun moments, some others that lag, but all in all some good fun, especially with the two leads and some nice little touches they added to traditional 'action' scenes to make them more interesting. For one, Ice Cube being chased by the girlfriend of a bounty (played by Anthony Michael Hall whom I did not even recognize) who is sporting a leg cast and must hobble after Ice Cube to shoot him. Sort of like a Night of the Living Dead foot chase. Another nice touch, though it plays for a laugh at one point never really gets explored full is having Bucum (pronounced Book'em...get it?) an aficionado of tropical fish.

Some down points though...I hate it when they say the title in the film...very rarely is that kind of phrasing Ice Cube says it at least twice, maybe three or four times. Yeech.

A minor point, as is this one, Miami. They were shooting in the city of Miami, they mention it a lot and aside from a speedboat chase at the end, this movie could have taken place anywhere. It would have been nice to incorporate the city into the feel of the film...but hey, that's up to the writers and director of which I was neither.

Not a great film by any stretch of the imagination, but it isn't setting itself up to be one, it is meant to be a nice fast-paced action flick, and for the most part it succeeds. Three stars out of five.

Copyright© Written By: Rob Paul

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