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Bad Company
Bad Company (Soundtrack)

Bad Company Review

Directed By: Joel 'Hit And Miss' Schumacher.
Starring: Chris Rock, Anthony Hopkins, Gabriel Macht, John Slattery, Peter Stormare.

Synopsis: CIA operative Kevin Pope (Chris Rock) is suave, brilliant, and right on the verge of completing a top-secret mission to keep a rogue nuclear weapon off the black market when he is suddenly killed. With the clock ticking and no other options available, the CIA reluctantly enlists Kevin's long-lost identical twin brother, Jake (also Chris Rock, of course), to take his place. But since Jake is the mirror opposite of Kevin, a working-class Joe, it's up to veteran CIA agent Gaylord Oakes (Anthony Hopkins) to train him within 9 days before having to negotiate a sensitive nuclear weapons deal with terrorists.

I have been sitting here for half an hour trying to figure out how to begin this review without resorting to the cliches of the movie critic. Check that, forty minutes now.

I don't want to be harsh on this film...well, not overly. As you may have noticed in the director chair we have Joel 'hit and miss' Shumacher. The man has made good films in his career but he destroyed the Batman franchise and seems to be a more creative force when the money and power is actually taken away from him. Check out Tigerland with Colin Farrell, or Falling Down with Michael Douglas. But his missing has been more prevalent of late with the aforementioned Batman franchise, Flawless and 8MM, now one can add Bad Company onto the list.

However, I would rather sit through Bad Company again before watching either 8MM or Flawless ever again. Not because of the jumbled up script which I thought was about to end but continues on for almost thirty more minutes. Nor due to the performances of either Chris Rock or Anthony Hopkins. Simply because, and I hate to put it this way, at least there are some mindless action scenes to get me through the film.

Chris Rock is a brilliant comedian, I love the guy, he slays me, but so far his movie work has been less than stellar. Not that there isn't hope, only glimmers of his energy has been caught on celluloid and even then never really sustained.

Anthony Hopkins, as I am sure fans and critics alike all over the world will point out, is far above this material. However, he heard the sound of that truck backing up, full of money and he opened the door and let them dump the cash all over his lawn. So, now he stars as a dull but guilt-ridden C.I.A. agent.


You know what? It's not so much that Bad Company is a 'Bad' movie, though it broaches that territory several is just so rife with moments we have seen time and time again in 80's action flicks. As for the humour and chemistry between Chris Rock and Anthony Hopkins...hey, like I said, I think these guys are great, just not here.

There was one thing I did like, and it was something that happens in Sum Of All Fears as well. A secondary character, a C.I.A. agent is not only good at his job, not only competent and intelligent but never turns out to be a double crosser or doing anything blatantly stupid that results in his obvious and visceral death. (Well, almost...but I won't tell you what).

A few jokes hit the mark but for the most part, it's not a very funny movie. A few action scenes grab your interest but for the most part you've seen this all before. So, a pretty low score of 2 stars out of 5 for this film. Save it for a rental when the choices are low on a rainy weekend and you need a fifth movie to get the free sixth film.

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