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Big Trouble
Big Trouble (Soundtrack)
Big Trouble (Novel)

Big Trouble Review

Directed By: Barry Sonnenfeld.
Starring: Tim Allen, Rene Russo, Omar Epps, Dennis Farina, Janeane Garofalo, Zooey Deschanel, Jason Lee, Tom Sizemore, Stanley Tucci, Andy Richter, DJ Qualls.

Synopsis: Adapted from the Pulitzer Prize-winning humourist Dave Barry's best-selling novel (see links above), "Big Trouble" tells the story of a mysterious suitcase, and how it brings together a divorced dad, an unhappy housewife, two hitmen, a pair of street thugs, two lovestruck teens, two FBI men, and a psychedelic toad.

Big Trouble has a lot going for it. It has an ensemble cast for a comedy...something I began ranting about in my review of Van Wilder...however, it also destroys my theory that ensemble comedy makes for more laughs.

Barry Sonnenfeld, the man who gives us the same form of motoring comedy with The Addams Family movies and Get Shorty has a frantic mess on his hands. So much is on screen happening so fast that it is actually necessary for Sonnenfeld to have several people taking turns at Narration...Jason Lee opens the film before Tim Allen takes over. The narration provides an explanation of things that the audience isn't being told or necessarily have available to their general knowledge...hypnotic frogs, background history of characters quickly given so that you are up to speed.

But it becomes so frantic that some of the humor never really has a chance to breathe. Like a lot of isn't that this isn't a good film, it just hasn't become a good film needed more breathing space...more chances for the humour to have a place to land before flitting off to the next 'whacky' scenario.

Some people are hitting up on the whole 'gee, this film was delayed because of the whole 9/11 thing and that this film still comes to close on the heels of it'. Not so, well, not really...but that has been a stigma of a lot of movies made prior to the events and suffering because of it. Big Trouble, obviously made prior to the events is an innocent victim.

The main focus of the ending, a whacky chase after a nuclear bomb that has been activated just doesn't make sense when it comes right down to it. Why does it come to the possession of two Russians who run a local bar as a cover for guns in the first place? Why would they sell it to the local guy who is it just gonna' use it in their own backyard and possibly kill them in the process. How did it get from its original owners to where it is...doesn't matter. It is there and you must deal with all the whacky hilarity that ensues.

Overall, it was fast paced and rarely lets go of your attention as a result...but you also don't really care and when the movie is've chuckled a few times, no harm, no foul. Big Trouble ends up being a rare mis-step in the Barry Sonnenfeld ouevre. 2 Stars out of 5.

Copyright© Written By: Rob Paul

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