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Blade 2: Bloodhunt
Blade 2: Bloodhunt (Soundtrack)
Blade (The Original)

Blade 2: Bloodhunt Review

Directed By: Guillermo Del Toro.
Starring: Wesley Snipes, Kris Kristofferson, Tcheky Karyo, Luke Goss, Leonor Varela, Donnie Yen, Ron Perlman.

Synopsis: The ante is upped this time. Blade must form an alliance with the vampires to fight against a breed of 'super' vampires. If you thought the first one was nasty, you probably haven't seen nothing yet!

Not another sequel! At least that is what most people might say but those in the know here are expecting a real treat. First we have Guillermo Del Toro directing, not only a brave choice but a bold one. Guillermo has directed such films as Cronos and more recently The Devil's Backbone. He is not a man who wimps out when it comes to making his audience afraid and perhaps this Blade 2 may surpass the original as a mere action flick and elevate it to a new action horror genre.

Okay, we've got Wesley Snipes returning as Blade, we have Kris Kristofferson returning, Guillermo Del Toro helming the film and Donnie Yen (Iron Monkey) and one of the great character actors, Ron Perlman all churned into one bloody little action film. Tell me fans of the comic and previous outing are not going to flock to this film and I will cheerfully drink your blood.

Again, the rules of the sequel for the uninitiated:

1) Faster. Now that we know the characters, things must move at a more hectic pace, less character development is needed...that should have occurred in the first flick. Check. Aside from some flashbacks for those who may have missed the first film or forgotten elements of it this film jumps right in.

2) In the case of an action film, more action, more blood, more violence in as many creative ways as can be conjured up. Check. What was once the major effect of the first film, the vampires burning up and crumbling becomes commonplace as new tactics to kill and maim and hurt are explored.

3) Less storyline than the previous outing. Sorry, no check here. Blade 2 has actually tried to keep the level of comic book story telling that it established within the first film as intact as possible and give all the bang for its buck. I have read some reviewers who say insipid and thoughtless things like this is the kind of film that critics should not enjoy (I'm pointing a finger at you Bruce Kirkland from the Toronto Sun). What kind of statement is that? Oh, I should only appreciate highbrow, overly hyped tripe that as the years pass fade into obscurity because that is the lot of the highly esteemed critic?

Look, critics, such as I, Bruce, and others are just jerks with opinions. But at least Bruce and I agree on one thing, we both liked Blade 2, the difference is, I'm not ashamed of it.

Basically, if you liked the first one, you are on some solid ground here...however, if you hate martial arts, if you hate blood letting of any form, this film is not for you. Okay? Tirade ends review can now take over...

Guillermo Del Toro is a master horror director with a great eye for visuals. Blade 2 is a surprisingly commercial outing for an art house horror master such as Del Toro but this will merely elevate him in the eyes of Hollywood as a major player in the works.

Wesley Snipes is Blade...he has established a great franchise for himself and makes a great case for the, 'screw the system if it won't work with you, make it work for you' way of living the Hollywood life.

Norman Reedus (Boondock Saints) looks and acts so downtrodden and grungy as Scud I honestly thought it was Edward Furlong playing the role for the first five minutes. Scud is Blade's new weapons man who has a bizarro fixation on the Power Puff Girls.

A quick note of praise for Ron Perlman who just makes me cheer up when he shows up in a film: he is SO demented even for a vampire film. Aside from his history with the Beauty and the Beast TV series, I have found his career absolutely fascinating...oh and he's in the next Star Trek film (Nemesis)...that's pretty cool.

I just enjoyed the hell out of this little gore is fast paced, nasty, and though some of the 'twists' in the storyline are pretty obvious, they are fun to watch unfold. Overall for the film...3.5 stars. And if they follow up with a DVD that matches the quality of the first Blade it will probably be at least a 4.5 out of 5 disc.

Copyright© Written By: Rob Paul

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