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Bubble Boy (DVD)
Bubble Boy (Soundtrack)

Bubble Boy Bubble Boy Review

Directed By: Blair Hayes
Starring: Jake Gyllenhaal, Swoosie Kurtz, Marley Shelton, Fabio, Arden Myrin, Verne Troyer, Danny Trejo.

Synopsis: Jake Gyllenhaal plays a boy forced to live his life in a Bubble, hence the title. However, the catch is, the woman he loves is about to marry someone on the other side of the country. Insert road trip and Buena Vista hopes that this pays off in laughs.

Bubble Boy is the kinda' flick I love to kick back on my couch and watch with a like minded idiot friend of mine. Somebody who loves to just let themselves loose in the realm of stupidity. Sure it's silly and predictable in terms of ending...of course he's going to get the girl, he has to get the girl, that's the whole bloody point...but as a roadtrip movie, it is the events that occur along the journey that make all the difference. In any event, Bubble Boy comes off as genius when compared to the roadtrip movie Crossroads which forgets to have anything happen on the journey.

Is it a great film? Naw, but Jake Gyllenhaal, The Bubble Boy, brings to life through his expressions and cheerful acceptance of the world as it is. The Bubble Suit is a classic piece of work with some very funny sight was as if the director and writer wondered how to get Bubble Boy in and out of scenes...well, we'll just bounce him in and out...something will hit him or throw him into the next sequence...and for the most part, it works as a device.

Some great road moments, including a very nasty cow sequence which had me laugh out loud as well as the cult run by Fabio where all the girls in the cult are named Veronica and all the males, Todd. Arden Myrin, a totally under used actress plays the lead Veronica (watch for her falling off camera during a crowd scene).

A totally fun and mindless romp, just know that going in it is going to be silly and stupid and you should be fine. Expect anything else and then you fall under the category of silly and stupid. 3 stars out of five.

Copyright© Written By: Rob Paul

DVD Information:

Special Features:
Production Featurettes
Audio Commentary

Video: Widescreen 2.35:1 (Anamorphic)
Audio: ENGLISH: Dolby Digital 5.1

The DVD Review:

Production Featurette: Making The Bubble Boy Suit: The company offered little in description of the featurettes etc. which is surprising since these are selling features and I was really hoping for a featurette on the making of the Bubble suit. I was not let down. They went through the full stages of conception and design and showed all sorts of original (and bizarre) concepts of the suit before moving into the construction of the suit and how it worked on location. A very interesting piece of movie making often ignored by the viewer is a real interesting documentary on this disc.

Director (Blair Hayes) and Bubble Boy (Jake Gyllenhaal) commentary: At first this is one of those annoying commentaries. They drone on and on about the joys of working with the cast (wouldn't you just love to hear...I hated this person...oh, wait, that's a Kevin Smith commentary) but then they talk about how hard it was to work with the suit, reflections, etc. Pretty soon they move onto to some anecdotal stories about the cast and crew (though they never tell the one Jake mentions about gambling in Vegas) and then, out of the blue, a mock fight breaks out between the director and star and made me rewind it to listen to it again as they thump around in the room, sending me off in laughter. Some occasional funny/informative stuff after that but for some reason that mock fight just gets me grinning. I'm a sucker for the muffled microphone bit I guess.

All in all a solid enough disc though not as completely filled as I like them but what with the film being a relative box-office dud (Cost: $13 million - Domestic Gross $6 million) I guess we should be happy with any commentary and perks at all. Three stars out of five for the disc as well.

Evil Ash

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