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Changing Lanes
Changing Lanes (Soundtrack)

Changing Lanes (Double Sided)
Changing Lanes (Double Sided)
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Changing Lanes Review

Directed By: Roger Michell.
Starring: Ben Affleck, Samuel L. Jackson, Toni Collette, William Hurt, Amanda Peet, Sydney Pollack.

Synopsis: From what I gather after watching the trailer. Changing Lanes is about some bad coincidences. Ben Affleck plays a young lawyer who is in a huge rush to get to a very important meeting. On the way there his car and Samuel L. Jackson's collide...thereby causing a whole world of trouble for each other. Jackson and Affleck begin to torment one another in such horrible ways that this is either a dark comedy or a bizarre drama!

Wow...that's what I had to say after the credits ran and I'm left sitting in the theatre. Wow. Here is a movie that is a prime case of the trailer working against a movie. If you remember the commercials...very flashy, quickly edited to accentuate the few rare moments of action while barely hinting at the strong script that actually resides within the film.

Written By Michael Tolkin (The Player and director of films like The Rapture) with newcomer Chap Taylor, Changing Lanes is similar in theme to a lot of Tolkin's movies. With strong characters all at crossroads with moral dilemma's to choose over, invariably choosing the wrong one. A strong, interesting script (which can be fun to debate over coffee later) over ethics and the escalation's of one's minor infractions causing larger problems within others lives.

As for the acting...well, Ben Affleck is a messy actor. Sometimes he gives us Chasing Amy, Shakespeare In Love (check out that performance again, stellar stuff) while other times we get Reindeer Games. Here we get the good Ben Affleck...he still sports his tensed up jaw and 'aw-shucks' grin in every shot but with some honest emotions and solid line deliveries to back them up.

As for Samuel L. Jackson...if you had half this man's talent you would already be doing well in the industry and not even reading this review.

Changing Lanes is not what I expected, thankfully so...instead of a mind-numbing vindictive film it turns out to be a rather compelling film from the opening credits that never lets up. Smart, and again, considering the commercial...surprisingly believable...earning their three stars out of five.

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