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Citizen Toxie
Citizen Toxie (Soundtrack)
Toxic Avenger Part III: The Last Temptation of Toxie (1989) (also Director)
$14.99 (VHS)
$13.99(VHS Only)
Toxic Avenger, Part II
The Toxic Avenger

Citizen Toxie Review

Directed By: Lloyd Kaufman.
Starring: David Mattey, Clyde Lewis, Heidi Sjursen, Paul Kyrmse, Joe Fleishaker, Dan Snow, Michael Budinger, Lisa Terezakis, Barry Brisco, Debbie Rochon, Ron Jeremy, Roxanne Michaels with cameos by Corey Feldman, Lemmy from Motorhead, Hank The Angry Dwarf (in his last screen appearance).

The Toxic Avenger is back in his fourth outing, Citizen Toxie! I was fortunate enough to be at the Toronto Premiere where Lloyd Kaufman, the director of this masterwork briefly discussed the flick. He warmed the crowd up by assuring them this is the way Citizen Kane was meant to be...with all the head crushings, lesbian sex scenes and explosions that Orson Welles was forced to excise from the film faithfully restored as per Welles original vision. He introduced the Troma-ettes, Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D. and, of course, Toxie himself before giving the crowd what they really came for...the movie itself.

The Toxic Avenger Part 4 is, let's face it, not for most people. If the first ten minutes don't leave you cringing and laughing at the same time...guess what? You should leave. It's just going to get a whole lot worse (read: better). Within the first ten minutes you are slapped with 'special kids' being terrorized/brutally murdered by the Diaper Gang while the pregnant teacher is strung up to be beaten like a pinata. When Toxie does come to the rescue he inadvertently gets half of the 'special kids' shot, drives a man's head through his own ass and rips out the innards of another gang member. Only in Tromaville.

And I sat there like a goon laughing my head off at what was on screen. It's amazing that a man like Kaufman has not only built a reputation on these kinds of film, but a mini-empire. (For those of you who don't know, Lloyd has an amazing book called All I Need to Know About Film making I Learned from the Toxic Avenger : The Shocking True Story of Troma Studios and is currently working on a second book called Make Your Own Damn Movie!) There is a need for people like Lloyd in the industry. To push the envelope, to go into those areas where satire and taste walked a fine line for about a nano-second before slipping miles into some dark uncharted territories.

It's a unique experience reviewing a movie like Citizen Toxie if only for the realization that the rules don't apply here. I would usually go through a brief synopsis here of what the movie is about. Briefly: Toxie saves some kids from gang members at their school which then blows up. The explosion sends Toxie and the kids Sweetie Honey and Tito into a parallel dimension while bring Noxie (Toxie's dangerous alter-ego) into Tromaville. While the two super beings try to straighten out their predicaments they take us through endless body humor jokes that the Farelly Brother's and Howard Stern have become praised for! This film is soooo packed with material that one doesn't even have the chance to get can be bored when you leave the theatre...Lloyd and his crew want to leave you amazed, stunned and yes, maybe even thinking. Naw, scratch that last one.

There are, and I can't believe I am going to write this, two performances I want to single out and praise. David Mattey who plays both The Toxic Avenger and Noxie his evil alter-ego has a great voice and is somehow eerily claiming as The Toxic Avenger. Lisa Terezakis is the second one I seemed to keep watching. Sure, the playing of mentally handicapped kids might be repulsive to most, and Michael Budinger's (Tito) portrayal is simultaneously offensive and funny but Lisa's is precocious and even borderline charming. Go figure, her character is called Sweetie Honey.

If I had walked in off the street and not knowing what I was going to see? I might have been pretty peeved...however, I knew what I was in store for, and on all accounts Troma has topped their previous outings, upped the gore, the body count, the head crushings, the bullet hits, hell, the violence all the way around. What can one ask more of Lloyd...except to bring us Saving Private Toxie ASAP!

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