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Dragonfly (Soundtrack)

Dragonfly Review

Directed By: Tom Shadyac.
Starring: Kevin Costner, Joe Morton, Ron Rifkin, Susanna Thompson.

Synopsis: Dragonfly is a supernatural thriller about a man (Kevin Costner) who believes that his deceased wife (Susanna Thompson) is trying to communicate with him through the near-death experiences of her patients. Kids keep telling him how they have seen his wife on in the tunnel, near a rainbow and keep drawing little squiggly crosses for him.

Wow, I feel sorry for Kevin Costner.

I mean, the guy turns out 13 Days and really, almost no one went and saw it in theatres. A great little film with some superb story telling, a compelling look at the Cuban Missile Crisis and nothing, no box-office. His follow up film, 3,000 Miles to Graceland where he plays the bad guy. It does better business but still no one cares really. It is a bad movie. So he does another film, Dragonfly...which will probably have great box office but is another bad movie. Interesting story but not well told, very obvious and Costner spends the movies not so much acting but as appearing sad, earnest and wanting to be liked.

It gives me a creepy film. Like watching a man who is worried for his future, and maybe he should be but I didn't think things were that bad.

The biggest offence of Dragonfly is not Costner, he's ok in the flick, neither great nor awful...just there. The biggest offence is the steps Tom Shadyac is taking in his directing career. This is the man that gave us Liar, Liar, The Nutty Professor and Patch Adams. Not an amazing director but certainly a serviceable one...and in the case of Dragonfly it needed a great director. It needed a man who knew how to get across points of foreshadowing without having the audience react like 'we knew that was coming! Come on get on with it!' Mainly because that is the feeling of the film throughout. We know his dead wife is trying to contact him, trying to draw him somewhere...we get that, but it goes on for an hour and a half telling us's really annoying when the audience is five steps ahead of the character.

Actually an odd feeling came over me halfway through and this may sound like a whacky thing but it was the idea that this was ripping off Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Think about it, for most of the movie Richard Dreyfuss is running around, obsessed with something only he and a few others have seen until he is compelled to follow his vision right to the very end where we get to see the mother ship. Spielberg should sue, he needs the money.

Also, Tom Shadyac is guilty of one of the greatest directing crimes their is...wasting talent. The man has Ron Rifkin and Kathy Bates in smaller supporting roles and they pretty much DO NOTHING! Sure, they are there, look concerned and say their lines but when they walk off screen you forget about them and when the movie ends, that's pretty much what you do with it as well.

As for the so-called twist in the end...don't worry, I won't say what it is...I just thought it was less a twist as inevitability. Others seemed surprised so I guess it worked but the director told me what it was so early within the film that I was shocked that anybody was surprised...but then again, I see everything I can in theatres and sometimes that makes the strings easier to see. Still, Usual Suspects got me...I can still be nailed by a good film...Dragonfly just isn't good enough.

Two stars out of five.

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Special Features:
Thrilling Deleted Scenes
The Making Of Dragonfly
Commentary with Director Tom Shadyac
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