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Evolution (Soundtrack)

Evolution Review

Directed By: Ivan Reitman.
Starring: David Duchovny, Julianne Moore, Orlando Jones, Seann William Scott, Sarah Silverman.

Synopsis: A meteor, carrying alien organisms hits the New Mexico desert. The aliens multiply and evolve at an alarmingly fast rate threatening to take over the world. A community college science professor, his eccentric geologist buddy, a wannabe fireman and a government scientist are brought together to deal with the invasion.

I have this theory that I will cheerfully bore my friends to death with when they ask...whatever happened to 'such-and-such comedians' career. For example...Dan Aykroyd...'Hey Rob, whatever happened to Dan Aykroyd's career?'

The theory that goes is no matter how brilliant the comedian once was, inevitably their humour, their unique take on life becomes standard and as they age, they seem less funny as less chances are being taken. They have become the norm they once sought to poke and prod into submission with their wit. Dan Aykroyd, a fan of the man I was at an early age, has slipped not so quietly into that good night, dragging my theory behind him as proof. Evolution is not the nail in that coffin, but I will say it gets the hole in the ground dug, and right beside him is the man who gave us Ghostbusters...Ivan Reitman, director of Evolution.

Evolution wants to be Ghostbusters soooooo bad it can taste it...Scientists...fighting aliens...while giving the audiences some cheap quick scares in the process (remember the librarian freaking out at the beginning of Ghostbusters?). It has necessary elements, but what it is lacking is humour, real inventiveness, and sadly, Duchovny can not pull off the Peter Venkman style character so necessary to thumbing his nose at authority needed here! His deadpan dry wit would be stellar in a comedic film noir...but here, where the goofiness needs a perfect deft touch it comes either heavy handed, or not at all. Which is too bad, I like Duchovny...just not in this.

Throw in his whacky co-horts as the movie progresses. Sean William Scott as a wanna-be fireman, Julianne Moore as an attractive yet clumsy scientist and Orlando Jones as the mildly amusing geologist and we have our band of alien fighters...who have to deal with the military and nasty buggy creatures...but despite the speed of the movie one feels completely let down by the film.

It has such potential, but again, while everything seems to be in place...that magic, that humor of Ghostbusters in not captured on screen. The audience can see the moments where we are supposed to be laughing, or cheering them on, but they are false and obviously so.

And Dan Aykroyd making an appearance as Governor of Arizona is just sad to watch as he tries to rattle off dialogue like an aging Elwood Blues. Dan, Ivan, I love you guys, but take a step back and realize what made your fans love you in the first place and it is doubtful either of you would have stepped onto this project!

As a simple, mindless reviewer, all reviewers/critics are mindless, (remember that!) I must denigrate the movie down to a star rating system...and here we give it the simple 1.5 stars out of 5. A nice looking much potential...gone...soooo far gone! Let's hope the next time Aykroyd and Reitman work together they blow my theory way out of the water...I'll eat my words with a laugh!

Copyright© Written By: Rob Paul

DVD Information:

Special Features:

The DVD Review:
Ah, Evolution...a film that was a big let-down for not one I am keen to sit through again really. However, in its defence it does have deleted scenes...a factor that always gets my interest and it features a commentary with director Ivan Reitman, Orlando Jones, David Duchovny and Sean William Scott.

Actually, watching the film a second time with the commentary is more enjoyable, you get to here these guys goofing around as they must have on the set, hear some nice set-jokes, behind the scenes stories and find out that Duchovny had a $20 bet running with a crew member on whether or not he could make the shot with his General's hat being tossed into a garbage can.

As for the deleted scenes...well, despite my rant above about the losing of ones talents as they age, Reitman really did cut away some of the worst moments of the film, including a truly horrible alternate ending included on the disc...but still, the movie is just not a great film, mildly amusing at best.

With the Commentary though I add one more star to my original score giving Evolution a final tally of 2.5 stars out of 5.

Evil Ash

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