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Following Following Review

Directed By: Christopher Nolan.
Starring: John Nolan, Dick Bradsell, Alex Haw, Jeremy Theobald, Lucy Russell.

After seeing Christopher Nolan's film Memento this year and being hugely impressed by it, I did not delay in viewing Following when it was released this week. Following was Nolan's first film. It was screened at a Hong Kong film festival in 1999, where Nolan then asked his audience for donations to fund his second film Memento. Both films are enjoyable and dizzying to watch.

A lonely young man (Jeremy Theobald) escapes boredom by 'shadowing' strangers at random. Living vicariously through the people he follows, he becomes obsessed with the lives they lead. As time goes on, it becomes harder for him to abide by the rules he set for himself.

In a world where it seems that ninety five percent of films these days are either remakes or rehashes, a writer/director like Nolan is really a breath of fresh air.

In 'Following', you can definitely see the beginnings of Nolan's signature style, abundant in the more polished Memento. (The difference between 'Lock, Stock' and 'Snatch' is a good parallel) Smart dialogue and a fractured chronology are staples in both efforts. I look forward to more outings by this fine young director in the future.

Copyright© Written By: Tom Servo

DVD Information:

Special Features:

Commentary by Director Christopher Nolan
Second Angle Showing Director's Shooting Script
Ability to Restructure the Story Chronologically
Theatrical Trailers
Interactive Motion Menus
Scene Selections
Cast & Crew Biographies

Video: Standard 1.33:1

Audio: ENGLISH: Dolby Digital Stereo [CC]

The DVD Review:
The DVD was released without much fanfare but is now available.

Evil Ash

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