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Galaxy Quest
Galaxy Quest (Soundtrack)

Galaxy Quest Galaxy Quest Review

Directed By: Dean Parisot.
Starring: Tim Allen, Tony Shalhoub, Sigourney Weaver, Alan Rickman, Sam Rockwell.

Synopsis: For four years the courageous crew of the NSEA protector set off on thrilling and often dangerous space missions...until their series was cancelled. Now, 20 years later, aliens under attack have mistaken the Galaxy Quest television transmissions for 'historical documents' and have beamed up this group of has-been actors to save the universe.

First off, admit this is a great premise. Admit it!

Second, this is the kind of film that actually gets better with a second viewing, allowing you to get all the in-jokes and still enjoy the movie as great entertainment. I have a friend who thought, upon first viewing, that the film didn't really reach the full potential ...of all the things it could have done. I pointed out that he was suffering from the common audience delusin...they didn't make the movie I wanted them to make. I admit I suffer from this sometimes as well...but only when the movie sucks. Galaxy Quest doesn't always go as far as it could have but then again it also remains funny and fast paced without boring and that is a success story in my eyes,

Tim Allen, a man I have little time or respect excellent in his protrayal of Commander Peter Quincy Taggart while recalling William Shatner as Captain Kirk he also brings some other elements of the swaggering captain stereotype which makes him a touch more human. In fact, the cast all the way around is great...Sigourney Weaver as Lt. Tawny Madison, a great sex-bomb name if ever there was one, Tony Shalhoub has some killer one liners.

Alan Rickman turns in the second of two great comedy performances by him this year (Dogma being the other). ERickman plays Dr. Lazarus who is essentially a cross between a Klingon and Spock. Lazarus is always the second banana to Capt. Taggart and he has no problem expressing how he feels about that. The depressed manner in the way he handles himself, as well as the anger that rises when a fan asks him to say his one and only catchphrase is a twisted joy to behold.

And someone to keep an eye on. Sam Rockwell. Keep your eyes on this guy, he is turning into the next Ed Norton with comedy flair. He can do broad farce with ease as is evident in this flick and Charlie's Angels while turning in the more serious and gritty work in Heist. Definitely a man to keep your eyes peeled for.

"Jesus, did any of you even watch the show?" - Sam Rockwell as Guy Fleegman

I consider Galaxy Quest not only a fun film but smart in its own conniving way. Sure the makers have cpatured the demented realm of sci-fi fans and conventions, but without the typical mean-spirited comedy that usually bubblesup. Instead of the typical nastiness, the geeks are mocked but in a sweet way, and are actually integral to plot and embrace them rather than reject them...again, a wise move because this is going to become a fan favorite as a result.

A definite 4 stars out of 5 movie.

Copyright© Written By: Rob Paul

DVD Information:

Special Features:
"On Location In Space" Featurette
Deleted Scenes
Thermian Language Audio Track
Theatrical Trailer
Cast & Filmmakers' Bios
Production Notes

Video: Widescreen 2.35:1 (Anamorphic)

ENGLISH: Dolby Digital 5.1 [CC]

The DVD Review:

This is a half-and-half DVD for me...I have to own it, and do. I love watching the flick itself every once in awhile when I need a goofy comedy to sit and zone out to.

Deleted Scenes: Alright, I love deleted scenes...I like seeing what was cut and sometimes what should have been preserved for the film and any DVD with deleted scenes gets an immediate one star from me.

Another way to get another star is director commentary. Sadly...Galaxy Quest does not have director commentary. Why? Why oh why? This one would be prime for letting the fan in on what affected the film, what Star Trek episodes or anecdotal stories on the technical aspects and cast. sadly, no commentary, therefore no second star. So there. Nyah!

Ok...the next bonus feature..I dare you to sit and watch the whole movie with this track on! The Thermian Language audio track. The entire movie with just an ongoing source of Thermian alien language bleating out your loud speakers...Funny at first and then quickly encouraging you to turn it off as it is just painful to listen to.

The typical Cast and Crew Bio's with Production day I think I would like to see some crew bio's like 2nd P.A. and Best Boy and Dolly Grip ...I don't now why but that strikes me as both funny and oddly interesting. I am sad that way.

Finally...a featurette called On Location In Space. Unfortunately this is one of those propaganda featurettes that they show distributors and theatre owners so a lot of it is plot synopsis and 'soft' interviews with the cast. Still, if you have the time, check it out!

Final tally...a three star DVD when it comes to the bonus features...but the movie is so good it is still worth owning!

Evil Ash

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