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Golden Boy: Treasure Hunt (1995)
Golden Boy 2: Bound For Glory

Golden Boy Review

Directed By: Hiroyuki Kitakubo.

Produced By: Takao Asaga, Yoichi Ishikawa, Kazafumi Nomura, David Williams

Golden Boy: A friend of mine, a huge anime fan who introduced me to Akira, and then onto a slew of others when he saw my reaction was gleeful when he found these on video cassette. He was ready to watch me freak out, because there is nothing I love than demented humour, and Golden Boy is one of the more perfect examples of demented humour on the market, full of sex (which I have to admit, I loathe in anime but here it's played for laughs) and insane situations that always workout in some shape or form.

There are only six episodes as far as I know, I wish there were more, but the six that do exist are great and finally available on DVD. Oh, and parents, please note...these anime epsiodes (shock of all shocks) contain nudity and mature, you know, make sure the kids can't find your hidden DVD selection.

Golden Boy: Treasure Hunt (1995): Get ready for the ultimate road trip as wandering student Kintaro Oe hits the highways of Japan in the wildest quest for knowledge ever! Whether he's re-programming the president of an all-female software company, checkmating the malicious daughter of a malevolent politician, or defending the sweet virtue of a noodle maker's daughter, Kintaro's cross-country odyssey is guaranteed to keep your sides aching with laughter!

Contains Episodes:

Computer Lesson: Kintaro is a would-be computer programmer whose life takes an up turn when he meets the CEO of an all-female software company. When his unusual methods get him in trouble he's demoted to 'office boy' status, but he has a few ideas to get him back in the race.

Temptation of the Maiden: After he abandons the software company for the chance to work as a consultant for a powerful business magnate, the boss' daughter wants Kintaro to help her with her "homework".

Danger! The Virgin's First Love: Animation hero and perennial student, Kintaro Oe has fallen for the daughter of the noodle shop owner where he works but unfortunately she is already taken by another man. However, when Kintaro discovers that the competition is planning to use the girl to cheat her family out of their business, only he can protect their interests and win her heart.

Golden Boy 2: Bound For Glory: How does he do it? Whether he's an idiot or a genius, you have to give Golden Boy Kintaro Oe credit for always knowing how to turn the ladies on. The problem is, once he's turned them on, he doesn't know how to turn them off! Whether he's out-stroking an Olympic swimmer, overheating a motorcycle-obsessed racer or taking charge of an entire animation studio, the Golden Boy always seems to end up surrounded by both beautiful women and impossible tasks! Watch him take them all on in the second and final collection of Golden Boy!

Contains Epsiodes:

Swimming In The Sea Of Love: Not noted for his athletic ability, animated lothario Kintaro nonetheless finds himself challenging his super-sexy swim instructor to a winner-take-all race. Or is it winner-takes-it-all-off?

Balls To The Wall: This time out, Kintaro's got his engine racing for a super-hot biker chick, and nothing's going to get in the legendary lothario's way!

Animation is Fun: Ever-on-the-prowl Kintaro takes a job in an erotic animation studio, solving problems and, names in this racy comedic outing. As comic book man on the Simpsons might add, 'Last Episode ever'!

Copyright© Written By: Rob Paul

DVD Information:

Special Features:
Clean Credit Animation
Image Gallery
ADV Previews
U.S. Trailers

Video: Standard 1.33:1

ENGLISH: Dolby Digital Surround
JAPANESE: Dolby Digital Surround

The DVD Review:
Unfortunately the disks are a little sparse in the way of extra features. An image gallery, other related anime titles and there you have it pretty much. But still...great re-watchable episodes. If you are an anime fan and you have missed out on seeing these...I am jealous...wish I could watch them for the first time again!

Evil Ash

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