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The Hole
The Hole (Soundtrack)
The Hole (Novel)

The Hole Review

Directed By: Nick Hamm.
Starring: Thora Birch, Desmond Harrington, Daniel Brocklebank, Laurence Fox, Keira Knightley, Steven Waddington, Embeth Davidtz, Emma Griffiths Malin.

This is a decent psychological thriller. It is a dark and primal film about human behaviour. The Hole is based on Guy Burt's novel 'After The Hole', that he wrote at the young age of eighteen. From the trailer, which I saw last year online, I got the impression that there was a supernatural element driving this film, but refreshingly the ideas are not that broad in scope. The trailer is a good example of what to show and what not to show to an audience and it foreshadows the tone of the film.

The director, Nick Hamm treats the subject matter with respect and is very conscious to keep the story moving forward. Considering Hamm has never before ventured into this genre, I think he pulled it off rather well. The film is wonderfully scored and the violin driven main title by Nick Mansell is a very haunting piece.

All six principle characters, including Thora Birch and Embeth Davidtz, mesh together well. Birch is continuing to rack up great performances and even though I was wholly unimpressed with Ghost World, this actress has a bright future ahead of her. There is always the chance she could have the problem of being typecast as the disgruntled, acid-tongued teen, but I'm sure she'll outgrow it like many actresses before her.

My only criticism of the film is that 'The Hole' did not seem as claustrophobic as it should have been. It is possible that that was not the intention, I mean being trapped is horrible enough without the addition of a confined space, but I thought it was an angle that would have been well served, if explored. The decision to use several wide-angle lens shots down in the bunker seems suspect as a device to represent a small area, but that's just me.

Copyright© Written By: Tom Servo

DVD Information:

Special Features:
Image Gallery
Cast Bios
Theatrical Trailer

The DVD Review:
The DVD has a respectable amount of features on it. There is a deleted scenes montage, including an alternate ending, which thankfully was not in the final cut because not only has it been done many times before, it's also kind of cheesy. The commentary is provided somewhat stoically by the director, but is still informative and interesting. He does a good job of expressing the motivation of the characters and also points out how simple moments of dialogue, ultimately seal their fate. Also included on the DVD is an image gallery and the usual cast and crew bios and trailer. I enjoyed watching this film and think it is a worthwhile renter.

Evil Ash

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