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Ice Age
Ice Age (Soundtrack)
Ice Age (Novel)

Ice Age Review

Directed By: Chris Wedge
Starring: Ray Romano, John Leguizamo, Denis Leary, Kristen Johnston, Jack Black.

Synopsis:Set against the onslaught of the ice age, a world filled with wonder and danger, the story revolves around three unforgettable characters: a wooly mammoth, a saber-toothed tiger, and a sloth, who unite to return a human baby to his tribe.

Made a non-monetary wager with one of my movie co-horts this weekend.I was guessing that the box-office of Ice Age would kick Resident Evil's Box office...and that is including the fact that the admission of children is less than adult fare. (Final Tally: Ice Age 47 Million, Resident Evil 18 million). I should have bet the bank.

My logic is this. One, animated movies have really broken through over the last few years and there is less stigma about adults paying to see animated fare.

However, having been able to gauge that does not make this a great good as it looks it does suffer from some uneven pacing, and some jokes that simply fall flat. What is there in Ice Age is still just isn't Toy Story/Shrek/Monsters, Inc. funny. Not yet...

Except for one thing. Scrat. A running gag with this quiet little creature of him chasing an acorn...with a huge payoff at the end. Some very, very funny stuff. A close second is a scene with some Dodo birds that takes the extinct and meshes it with some very modern ideas for some big laughs.'s fun to type Dodo.

Still, this is still an early entry by Fox into this field and as they grow (hopefully) in this field, the movies will as well. Besides in a weekend hit with Showtime and Resident Evil at the same time Ice Age is, this family friendly choice provides laughs, recalls some old style Warner Brothers (re: Bugs Bunny) humour and while it may not be quite the charmer you hoped for, it is certainly not a failure in the field. That's not counting the stupendous Box-office opening.

Copyright© Written By: Rob Paul

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