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Jason X
Jason X (Soundtrack)
Friday The 13 (1980)
Friday The 13 - Part 2 (1981)
Friday The 13 Part 3 (1982)
Friday The 13 - The Final Chapter (1984)
Friday The 13 - Part 5 - A New Beginning (1985)
Friday The 13 - Part 6 - Jason Lives (1986)
Friday The 13 - Part 7 - The New Blood (1988)
$9.95 VHS Only
$9.75 (VHS Only)
$9.99(VHS Only)
Friday The 13 - Part 8 - Jason Takes Manhattan (1989)
$9.95VHS only
$9.75 (VHS Only)
$9.99(VHS Only)
Jason Goes To Hell - The Final Friday (1993)
$14.98(VHS Only)
$11.99 (VHS Only)
$10.99(VHS Only)

Jason X Review

Directed By: Jason Isaacs.
Starring: Jonathan Potts, Kane Hodder, Lexa Doig, Melyssa Ade, Peter Mensah, David Cronenberg (Cameo).

Review: There have been so many 'final' titles in this series should you really even be shocked that that there is now a number ten in the series and it doesn't even bother with the traditional 'Friday The 13th' moniker?

Call it sequelitis, call it stupid, camp, annoying or outrageous, but the fact remains, Todd Farmer (the writer) has gone to great lengths and extreme steps to bring some new life into this series. By merging the horror series with the ever popular sci-fi genre and a Scream like awareness of it's audiences, Jason comes out on top once more. Bloody but on top. Trivial note here: Farmer based much of the material for Jason X on Alien to the point he named one of the characters (whom he plays in the film) Dallas, after Tom Skeritt's character in the Ridley Scott film.

If you have been a faithful die hard fan of the series since frame one, then there is really no need for me to go on and on about this film. You will watch it...maybe not in theatres but you will watch it. For those dead set against such films and proud that you have never screened one, you will never watch it. But for those of you, like me, who have seen a few in the series and thought you would never return...think again.

As the movie opens we sit in the year 2015...a very bleak looking 2015 (of course) where Jason stands chained while the details of his past body count are invoked to remind us that this creature is a bad-ass. They also go on in great detail how many times he has been stabbed, shot, electrocuted etc. to great humourous effect. Then guess what? Jason breaks free and goes on a bit of a killing spree only to end up cryogenically frozen.

Flash forward several hundred years where Jason is picked up by a salvage ship (ala Alien) and a trained Marine Corps (ala Aliens). Jason is thawed out and then the real fun begins. The simple idea of Jason in space is too funny and while the gore and violence can be imaginative and vicious here, it also gets played for some morbid laughs. Virtual reality is used several times to play with your mind (and Jasons).

The best part of this movie is that it employs every cliche and gives it a tweak. Some of the scientists are model material and pretty inventive ways of taking Jason on...including a Lara Croft Robo-Babe ripoff that is pretty fun to watch.

Although made in Canada with a pretty modest budget (around $14 million), the whole bundle is up on the screen, from spaceships to big demonic creatures and more! Keep in mind that you are not going to see the latest French Art-House film and you will have a nice ride.

A solid 4 out of 5 for the Friday the 13th crowd. Not perfect but at least stepping back in the right direction.

Copyright© Written By: Rob Paul

A Reader's Response: I couldn't agree with your Jason X review more.

I just got ahold of a screener of it and if I put the films in order of likability, it would be right up around number 3 or 4.

I'm actually a huge fan of the series, and was a bit skeptical about this movie when i saw the trailer a couple of months ago. When I started watching it, I only wanted it to not suck. It gave me that and so much more. It's as if the writer had the handbook for creating a perfect 80s horror movie in front of him as he transcribed his holy document on the blessed parchment. The cliches, bad puns, creative death sequences, and gratuitous nudity brought me right back to the only good thing i can remember about the 80's.

I was already in love with the movie from the first mass killing, which reminded me of how Jason (and his mother) would act in the early movies. Straight to the point without trying to scare his victims. What sealed my fate was the sequence with the holographic campers towards the end. In what other movie is a person beaten to death with another person in a sleeping bag?

I'm hoping I can get as many people as possible to see this movie, since the greenlighting of Freddy vs. Jason depends on the success of Jason X.

Sent in by Chris Adams.

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