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Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius
Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius (Soundtrack)

Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius Review

Directed By: John Davis.
Starring: Patrick Stewart, Martin Short, Debi Derryberry and Rob Paulsen.

Synopsis: Little Jimmy Neutron is light years ahead of the pack, but when it comes to being cool, he's a little behind. Until one day when his parents and all other kids' parents on Earth are kidnapped by aliens, it's up to him to lead all the children of the world to rescue their parents. With his new found heroism and spacecrafts he invents, he quickly becomes the coolest kid on the planet! Trivia Note: Jimmy Neutron was first introduced in a 1995 animated short as "Johnny Quasar".

Jimmy Neutron is half a children's film and half an adults but unlike Toy Story where these two worlds mesh perfectly, one cringes at the obvious child jokes (fart and booger humour) and the jokes kids will get as they get older...problem is, unlike Toy Story, they probably won't revisit this story in their teens.

Visually this Nickelodeon flick made the wisest decision. When one cannot compete with the flair of PDI (Shrek) or Pixar's Monster's Inc, then do the next best thing. Create an original, if simplistic look and just make a computer generated cartoon. Much like the Warner Bros. Bugs Bunny vs. Walt Disney Mickey Mouse syndrome.

It's not that Jimmy Neutron is a bad's not really. It has some genuinely funny moments, but it never really gets the audience on its side. As for a lead character who is a super brain who conjures up all these amazing inventions, a shrink ray, a bubble (gum) transport system it seems weird to me that the kids in the film don't latch onto these inventions. Remember the Little Rascals? They were the geeks of their time, but they were all geeks together and even when Butch came along you knew they would hang tough and all their little inventions from the fire engine to the animal run office were just part of their charm. Here Jimmy's brain (and his height) are played for laughs and hold him back at times.

Also, for a kids flick, this has some pretty scary little moments (including an alien chicken with a mouth right out of Dante's inferno) so I'm guessing that the target audience is for the 8 to 13 years olds. I can't see the teens flocking to this flick and the adults will go only if the kids don't feel it is uncool to be seen with them. It seems to me as if Nickelodeon may have such a small target audience on this flick that the film may die a quick death at the box-office. Too bad...but perhaps a jumping off spot for future projects to learn and expand from. Personally I wouldn't mind seeing a return of Jimmy and his pals, because, all in all, they are not a bad group even if they have Charlie Brown head problems.

Copyright© Written By: Rob Paul

DVD Information:

Special Features:
The Making Of Jimmy Neutron
2 Music Videos
12 Promotional Spots
7 DVD-ROM Games
2 Theatrical Trailers

The DVD Review:

Evil Ash

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