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K-Pax (Soundtrack)

K-Pax Review

Directed By: Iain Softley
Starring: Kevin Spacey, Alfre Woodard, Jeff Bridges and Mary McCormack.

The trailer to this movie gives you the premise without ever going overboard. A rarity in the realm of commercials for films. What we are told up front is that Kevin Spacey is a man named Prot from the planet K-Pax who knows things he can not possibly know and he can talk to dogs. He is picked up and placed in the mental ward where he begins to affect the patients and help them in ways the ward never could. Jeff Bridges will be on board as his psychiatrist who doesn't believe Spacey is from K-Pax but a man trapped in his own mental creation due to some earlier trauma.

I watched the movie and was sometimes totally absorbed by it and at other times left totally cold and indifferent, my mind began wandering and my butt was getting numb in those theatre chairs. I can not say don't watch this film if only because of Kevin Spacey and Jeff Bridges...with these two men performing, something is going to be in this flick that is amazing.

And between the two men, when their exchanges of dialogue are at their best, it is a lot of fun to watch. A scene with Prot (Spacey) showing where he comes from to astronomers is a stand out while some of the scenes of the mental ward are just amusing. Another amazing thing for this 'adult' film is that it doesn't talk down to you. It never over does it in the miracle department and doesn't slip into false sentiments.

However, I left the movie feeling oddly cold about it. I didn't hate it. There was simply too much in the way of good performances to dismiss it but I can not fathom sitting down to watch it again. That really is my bar of judgment, the rewatchable factor and on that level K-Pax fails.

What is interesting about the film was that I saw the film along with three friends and they all had a different ending etched out in their heads compared to the one in mine. At least it gave us something to think about for awhile and use for conversation until the talk turned to the World Series and whether or not the Yankees should win (I opt for the Yankees).

Putting K-Pax on the ranking scale it gets a 3 out of 5 on the rewatchable factor.

Copyright© Written By: Rob Paul

DVD Information:

Includes The Intriguing Never-Before-Seen Alternate Ending
The Making Of K-PAX Featurette, Including Exclusive Behind-The-Scenes Footage Plus Interviews with the Cast and Crew
Feature Commentary with Director Iain Softley
Deleted Scenes
The Making Of K-PAX - Pictures by Jeff Bridges
DVD-ROM Features

The DVD Review:
Slated for release March 19 this DVD has some interesting extra features worth checking out.
1. The alternate ending to see what the other 'version' might have been like...always fun.
2. The real treat here will be the photo album included by Jeff Bridges. Bridges has a well-respected place in the photographic realm and always takes candid photo's on location during his work. His photo's have appeared in many magazine's including Premiere so these should be a nice treat to check out.

Evil Ash

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