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Larry Sanders - Complete First Season

Larry Sanders: Cast List (partial)

Garry Shandling - Larry Sanders
Rip Torn - Artie
Jeffrey Tambor - Hank Kingsley
Penny Johnson - Beverly Barnes
Wallace Langham - Phil
Janeane Garofalo - Paula (1992-1997)
Megan Gallagher - Jeannie Sanders (1992)
Kathryn Harrold - Francine Sanders (1993)
Jeremy Piven - Jerry Capen (1992-1993)
Linda Doucett - Darlene (1992-1994)
Scott Thompson - Brian (1995-1998)
Mary Lynn Rajskub - Mary Lou (1996-1998)

Launched in 1992 Gary Shandling finally hit the right note with cable viewers with Larry Sander. Despite his short-lived but brilliant Gary Shandling one seemed to know what to do with his cutting wit and unusual look...then came "the hippest show to air on cable in the 1990s".

Gary's fictitious creation of talk show host Larry Sander became the talk of the industry and eventually the watercoolers taking you backstage and mixing real life guests within the vicious back-stabbing plot lines.

Thankfully they are releasing the sets one by one so you can own and catch up on the entire Larry Sander collection.

Complete Season One DVD Set Includes:

Episodes: The Garden Weasel, The Promise, The Spider Episode, Guest Host, The New Producer, The Flirt Episode, Hank's Contract, Out of the Loop, Talk Show, Party, The Warmth Episode, A Brush With the Elbow of Greatness, Hey Now!

Interactive Menus
Garry Shandling Talks - No Flipping Featurette
Video: Standard 1.33:1
Audio: ENGLISH: Dolby Digital Surround [CC]

A little disappointing on the perks, I hope the box-sets get better as time goes on, perhaps some commentaries, interviews with the writers or hell, outtakes...are you telling me a show like this, with all the comedic talents assembled together and there are no great outtakes?

Copyright© Written By: Rob Paul

Evil Ash

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