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LEXX (Soundtrack)
LEXX - Season One Box Set
LEXX - Season Two - Volume 1
LEXX - Season Two - Volume 2
LEXX - Season Two - Volume 3
LEXX - Season Two - Volume 4
LEXX - Season Two - Volume 5
$21.99 (comes with Bonus Mousepad)
LEXX - Season Three - Volume 1
LEXX - Season Three - Volume 2
LEXX - Season Three - Volume 3
LEXX - Season Three - Volume 4


Directed By: Various.
Starring: Xenia Seeberg (1998-2002), Brian Downey, Eva Habermann (1997-1998), Michael McManus, Ellen Dubin (1997), Nigel Bennett (2000-2002), Tom Gallant

LEXX Box Set - Season 1: Includes the following films/episodes as well as an English uncensored version, a French censored version, Interview with Lex Gigeroff, a Making Of Lexx featurette and some Character Bios.

I Worship His Shadow: A group of disparate fugitives from an interplanetary tyranny find themselves in control of a massively powerful starship called The Lexx.

Gigashadow: Gigashadow takes up where I Worship His Shadow left off. Zev makes Stan take Lexx back through the Fractal Core as Kai's Protoblood is running out and she wants to find more. According to Kai's memories from His Shadow, Protoblood comes from the Gigashadow, but no-one knows what that is.

Eating Patterns: When Zev and Stanley stop the ship for a feeding on the mysterious planet Klaagya, they find out the hard way that the planet's inhabitants are controlled by parasitic worms who feed on their brains.

Supernova: The crew find the planet of Kai's ancestors, Brunnis. The planet was abandoned when the sun started to decay. They prepare for death when the sun goes Supernova

LEXX - Season 2: Was released in a different form than the previous box-set. They released several discs with four episodes on each. Each of the following volumes details which episode can be found on them

Season 2: Volume 1 contains the following episodes: (also includes an Exclusive Interview with Michael McManus - who plays Kai)

Mantrid: Kai must embark on a quest for a scientist who might be able to extend his life with the use of extra protoblood.

Terminal: Stanley mistakenly messes up cryo-tube procedure and inadvertently reverts Kai back to his assassin personality.

Lyekka: Stanley awakens from a dream, only to discover that Zev has now become Xev.

Luvliner: Stanley's attempt to reach a "sex-satellite" has unexpected consequences.

Season 2: Volume 2 contains the following episodes: (also includes the following features, an Exclusive Interview with Series Creator Paul Donovan, "Rated LEXX" Segment: Stan, Original Uncut Episodes Including Scenes Not Aired On TV, Trivia, LEXX Weblinks, Interactive Menus, Scene Index

Lafftrack: Xev and the crew land on a world where they are inadvertently warped into old television shows.

Stan's Trial: Stan is put on trial for the deaths of 685 million people.

Love Grows: The crew responds to a pornographic distress call only to realize that they have been exposed to hazardous material.

White Trash: Stan discovers that a family of hillbilly farmers is, in fact, living onboard the ship and is plotting to take it over.

Season 2: Volume 3 contains the following episodes: (also includes the following features; a Behind-The-Scenes "Making Of" Segment, Exclusive Interviews with Brian Downey (Stan), "Rated LEXX" Segment: Kai, Original Uncut Episodes Including Scenes Not Aired On TV, Trivia, Interactive Menus and Scene Index

791: The crew come upon a cyborg with no head when the help a ship in trouble. The strange cyborg turns out to have an answer to 790's own dilemma.

Wake The Dead: A crew member is driven over the edge when several wild teenagers stowaway on the ship.

Nook: Follows the Xev's adventures when the crew lands on a planet whose inhabitants are strictly monastic men.

Norb: A young boy picked up by the crew is actually a non-human spy on a mission from their enemy, Mantrid.

Season 2: Volume 4 contains the following episodes: (also contains the following special features; Exclusive Interview with 790, "Rated LEXX" Segment: 790 and Zev, Storyboards, Production Sketches, Original Uncut Episodes Including Scenes Not Aired on TV, Interactive Trivia and Scene Index

Twilight: the planet of Ruuma, which has the ability to give and take away life, starts to effect Kai and some frightening dead people.

Patches in the Sky: Patches in the Sky follows Stanley's misadventures when he rides the Narcolounger.

Woz: The crew visit the planet Woz to look for a way of resetting Xev.

The Web: The cosmos is rapidly disappearing and a giant net takes over the LEXX.

Season 2: Volume 5 contains the following episodes: (and the following special features: Exclusive interview with DP Les Krizsan "Rated LEXX" segment: The Lexx Storyboards, Production sketches, Original uncut episodes including scenes not aired on TV, Interactive trivia, Season 3 Trailer)

The Net: The Lexx is captured by a web-like organism that tries to devour it. The creature takes control over Stanley, using him to fool the others into thinking that the danger is over.

Brigadoom: As the Lexx approaches the center of the universe a strange building appears out of nowhere...with the Brunnen-G battle song emanating from within. Going inside, the crew discovers a theatre troupe performing the history of the Brunnen-G. They ask Kai to play his part in the story - the starring role as it turns out.

Brizon: Stanley's broadcast for help against Mantrid brings them in contact with Brizon, designer of the Lexx and Mantrid's teacher.

End of the Universe: With only hours to go before Mantrid has demolished the universe, Stanley comes up with the idea of creating their own army of drones based on 790 to combat Mantrid's.

Lexx Season 2 Mousepad SEASON 3 DVD's ANNOUNCED:

The crew members awake from a 4,000-year cryostasis nap to find their ship caught in an orbit between the warring planets Water and Fire. In a departure from the episodic format of Series 2, the show explores a single continuing storyline over the course of all 13 episodes in Series 3.

Season Three, Volume One contains:
Four episodes: Fire And Water, May, Gametown and Boomtown along with some new Behind-The-Scenes "Making Of" Segments, Storyboards, Location Photos, Production Sketches, Cast and Character Bios, and Interactive Trivia.

Season Three, Volume Two contains:
Three episodes: Gondola, K-Town and Tunnels along with some new Behind-The-Scenes "Making Of" Segments, Storyboards, Location Photos, Production Sketches, Cast and Character Bios, and Interactive Trivia.

Season Three, Volume Three contains:

- Xev suddenly begins to come on to Stan, just as he is about to destroy Fire, even Stan thinks this is a little suspicious.
Garden - The crew delights in a Water city that they happen upon, but Xev finds something fishy.
Battle - A balloon attack on Lexx leaves the crew fighting a tough battle.

Season Three, Volume Four contains:
The Beach
Heaven & Hell

Copyright© Want to contribute to DVDwolf's LEXX Page? Contact: Rob Paul

DVD Information:

Special Features:

Each of the discs follow the same format:
An Audio Tracks: English 2.0, French 2.0
Ratios: Fullframe 1.33:1
Each disc in Season 2 carries an interview with a select memember of either cast or crew.
Each Disc from Season 2 carries a 'Rated LEXX' segment which discusses a character in further detail.
Each disc from season 2 also features Storyboards, Production sketches and Interactive trivia.

The LEXX Discs appear to be REGION FREE...if anyone finds any differently please let us know!

The DVD Review:

Let's face facts here folks, The people at Lexx and have put together a series of discs for the cult fan-base that this series contains. However, if you have never watched a fan we here at the Wolf seriously recommend checking one out before buying the series. It isn't for everybody and it follows the old either 'get it' or you don't. For those who haven't seen the show think...Dr. Who with some R-Rated material.

Evil Ash

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