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Life, Or Something Like It
Life, Or Something Like It (Soundtrack)

Life or something like it (Double Sided)
Life or something like it (Double Sided)
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Life, Or Something Like It Review

Directed By: Stephen Herek.
Starring: Angelina Jolie, Edward Burns, Stockard Channing, Tony Shalhoub, Max Baker, Melissa Errico, Gregory Itzin, Christian Kane, Lisa Thornhill.

Synopsis: A reporter, Lanie Kerrigan (Jolie), interviews a psychic homeless man (Shalhoub) for a fluff piece about a football game's score. Instead, he tells her that her life has no meaning, and is going to end in just a few days, which sparks her to action, trying to change the pattern of her life.

This next little bit is going to sound a little whiney. See, I see over three hundred movies a year...sad, but true...probably safe to say over 400 hundred but it makes me feel better to say three hundred. Some are great, those are rare and they are worth seeing in the theatre, on DVD and at any time. Then there are those that are so god awful I only wish them on the corpses of the Hitler. And then there is a vast middle ground. It is the middle ground films that are the hardest to review...those are half star films to three and a half star films. Now, Life or Something Like It is not a five star film and someone who tells you differently has a) never seen a movie before or b) is so deluded that Angelina Jolie is actually in love with them that every film she makes is a five star effort. Of course, Billy Bob Thornton is excluded from this analogy.

I'll kill the suspense...Life, or Something Like It is a three star film. Light, harmless, and with a few minor glitches in a simplistic plot it makes a good little date movie.

I have a few problems with the film, a narration at the the end that provides a summation when one is not necessary, and an odd theme that gives me a twinge of suspicion. Angelina Jolie plays Lanie Kerrigan, a woman with a distinct mind set and despite the platinum blonde hair which is her trademark, she is no fool. She wants to be one of the best on air personalities and has sacrificed a lot of things to get to this point. So when she is told she is going to die, I have a problem with Ed Burns, and even Lanie herself questioning the validity of her life.

It is true, that perhaps she did not make all the necessary comfort choices for a happier existence but to totally invalidate every choice she has made through her life seems not only insipid but one-sided. However, I do also share a portion of Ed Burns mind-set that it is advisable to slow down, smell the roses...but to never strive for more, to not dream for higher pursuits...sometimes sacrifices must be made.

Anyway, enough wanna-be philosophy one-oh-one folks, is the movie worth watching...again, sure, why not. It's harmless, it's fluffy...and it is nice to see Jolie playing something other than a siren or a hell bent on destruction imp. She excels at these roles, but if she is forty playing these roles...god help us all.

And Ed Burns, I must admit, not much of a Burns fan but here he didn't irk me as much as he usually does. So kudos to him for not being annoying. As for Tony Shalhoub, one of our greatest character actors going...he once again steals the few scenes he is in and makes it seem effortless.

Haven't changed my mind, a solid, middle of the road date flick with 3 stars out of 5.

Copyright© Written By: Rob Paul

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