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The Musketeer (DVD)
The Musketeer (Soundtrack)

The Musketeer Review

Directed By: Peter Hyams
Starring: Tim Roth, Justin Chambers, Mena Suvari, Stephen Rhea and Catherine Deneuve.

Review: I am not, and probably never will be, a fan of director Peter Hyams and movies like The Musketeer here are exactly why. They make for a good trailer, and often have some very slick moments but these moments rarely add up into a good film. Some exceptions, the underrated Billy Crystal flick, Running Scared and the sci-fi classic Outland with Sean Connery.

The Musketeer is/was a great trailer film. Action scenes that look phenomenal at first glance but put in context of the movie are silly, thoughtless, pointless and just put in place for the actors to sword fight until they have to do something more challenging for most of them, act.

Speaking of the fight scenes, by the time two of the major finale ones occur, action fans will be shaking their head wondering how they were supposed to swallow such tripe. One such example has the hero D'Artagnan (Justin Chambers) swinging from a rope as he climbs the tower to save his beloved. A troop of bad guys rappel down the side of the tower to fight him, instead of just cutting the rope and letting the man fall to his death and ensuring instant victory. A second scene follows that is shown in the trailer with D'Artagnan and the evil Febre (Tim Roth) jumping from ladder to ladder. Pause for a second and ask why about 20 ladders are all in the same room and leading to the same floors of a loft? Answer: So these two men can jump around and use them to hit each other with. It's just foolishness.

I should clarify a previous comment as well. I don't throw either Tim Roth or Stephen Rea (playing Cardinal Richelieu) in that group of non-actors obviously as they have proven themselves time and time again. In fact, Roth is the one thing that makes this film mildly enjoyable to watch. Some of his 'evil' dialogue is soooo funny and he pulls it off with natural flair.

But the rest of the main cast, Justin Chambers...perhaps he is better within a good story and plausible dialogue. As for Mena Suvari she is rapidly descending into the category of the right-time, right-girl with American Beauty but has now become a flash in the pan actress following flops like Loser and Sugar & Spice.

Question: How does this happen? How does this film have such a horrible story line, dialogue et. al. when this film is based upon the Dumas classic? How?

Answer: Someone must have been drunk. That's all I can come up with. They tried to take the classic novel, cross it with Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and the result was a mish mash of a film that seemed unsure of itself from the opening frames.

All in all, avoid this film, it's undoubtedly the worst adaptation of the classic Three Musketeers story ever made and it's just insulting to those with a modicum of intelligence.

Copyright© Written By: Rob Paul

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