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Sex and the City: All Three DVD Sets
Sex and the City: The Complete First Season
Sex and the City: The Complete Second Season
Sex and the City: The Complete Third Season
Sex and the City: Soundtrack (Score)
Sex and the City: Paperback Book

Sex And The City Review

Directed By: Various, Alison Anders (First Season episodes).
Starring: Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrell, Kristin Davis ,Cynthia Nixon.

Quickly...for those who may have missed this phenomina on cable and been avoiding any entertainment magazine for the last few years: Sex And The City according to the hype machines is "A hilarious, outspoken and outrageous look at dating, mating, and relating in New York." Sarah Jessica Parker stars as a New York writer who draws on her personal experiences, and those of her friends, for her newspaper column on the 'relationship' habits of New Yorkers.

Season One Disc Set:

A two disc set that is essentially just the episodes. As the sets are released they seem to add on more features, and discs. 12 entire episodes are included here for you to watch at your leisure.

Are men in their 20s the new designer drug? Can you use sex for personal gain? Is motherhood a cult? These and many more questions are explored - as if for the first time - in the complete first season now on DVD.

Season Two Disc Set:

With the release of the second season we see a growth in the there are three in the box set. Three discs, 18 episodes ...9 hours in this set...that's a good day of Sex and the City.

Season Three Disc Set:

This time they are getting wise to the ways of the DVD over at Sex and the City and have added some bonus elements for fans of the series including some commentaries and biographies.
Sex and the City returns for a third season that is even fresher, funnier and more tastefully dressed than the first two. Join Carrie and her friends Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha as they do weddings, funerals and Bat Mitzvahs, Staten Island, the meat-packing district and the Playboy Mansion.
One can also tell by this time that Sex and the City has firmly established itself as the celeb's begin to make cameo's. In this set you wull also find episodes featuring: Carrie Fisher, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Hugh Hefner, Donovan Leitch, Matthew McConaughey, Alanis Morissette and Vince Vaughn.

Special Features Included in Season 3:
Audio Commentary of 4 Episodes with Executive Producer Michael Patrick King
Biographies - Cast, Sarah Jessica Parker, Chris Noth, Darren Starr, Michael Patrick King, and more!

Copyright© Written By: Rob Paul

Evil Ash

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