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Showtime (Soundtrack)

Showtime Review

Directed By: Tom Dey.
Starring: Robert De Niro, Eddie Murphy, Rene Russo, Perdro Damian, Drena De Niro, William Shatner.

Synopsis: When a no-nonsense LAPD detective (Robert De Niro) is forced to star on a reality-based TV show with a frustrated actor-turned-LAPD patrolman (Eddie Murphy), they find their lives turned upside down by a powerhouse producer (Rene Russo) and her very intrusive camera crew.

How do these films get made? The script seemed like it was only in it's second pass, very rough and yet, somehow, the project managed to attract Robert De Niro and Eddie Murphy.

And believe me...I wanted this to be a funny movie. I mean, I really wanted it to be good, and a breakout comedy showing Eddie does more than family stuff and Robert De Niro isn't just destroying all the integrity he built up over the last 30 years before smashing it with parody performances.

Despite some funny moments in the trailer and a few brief jokes, this movie is a wandering mess. Sometimes it is a comedy, sometimes it is a buddy flick other times it wants to be an action film. Which these elements can mesh to make an entertaining film...The Rush Hour series is an example. However...this film wants to have every kind of comedy...over the top slapstick moments to hyper-reality based humour and those two just never mesh.

When the film does work, it has nothing to do with De Niro. Nothing at all. He is given nothing to do in this film that remotely smells like comedy. He is simply the straight man, gruff and armed while Trey Sellars (Eddie Murphy) gets all the great moments...setting up a fake bust as an audition for the producer of Showtime, Chase Rensi (Rene Russo), or putting on a speech for the cameras that is obviously so made up but typical of the genre.

It is after seeing a film like this that I shake my head sadly in the missed opportunity. There is a good film in this muck and mire waiting to be cleaned off and shown to the just needed a better script. The casting was on the mark...just not what it takes to show why the casting was so good.

See Ice Age instead. 2 Stars out of 5.

Copyright© Written By: Rob Paul

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