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The Sweetest Thing
The Sweetest Thing (Soundtrack)

The Sweetest Thing Review

Directed By: Roger Kumble.
Starring: Cameron Diaz, Christina Applegate, Thomas Jane, Selma Blair, Jason Bateman.

Synopsis: Sexy and bold Christina Walters (Cameron Diaz), after years of avoiding meaningful relationships with men, unexpectedly meets her perfect match (Thomas Jane) one night while hanging out with best girlfriends Courtney (Christina Applegate) and Jane (Selma Blair). When she finds out the next morning that he's suddenly left town, she and Courtney set out to find him on a wild road trip, encountering a series of hilarious misadventures on their journey. Their search ultimately leads them to a surprising discovery and the realization that love is, after all, the sweetest thing.

Review: How to say this without sounding, well, mean? The Sweetest Thing is like a female response to There's Something About Mary...starring oddly enough Cameron Diaz. The problem here is sometimes the movie works extremely well, all thanks to the leads and at other times is an uncomfortable badly laid out joke. You can see why something is supposed to be just isn't.

However, Cameron Diaz, Christina Applegate, Selma Blair put their best efforts forward...and in one way, this is a big movie for Christina Applegate...helping establish her in a bigger film and show that she can still do the raunchy humour after years of Married...With Children. Another old TV hand Jason Bateman puts in a brash and, at times, funny performance as the typical boorish guy who gets out some great one-liners.

But at heart, this is Diaz's flick and when the film falters she is still smiling and acting as if all the material is gold and helps smooth out some of the rough spots. She never gets to fully sell her character changing from a bit of a female lout to one with a conscience but that is the scripts fault, not hers.

But if you think Cameron had to do some in your face, crazy antics in There's Something About Mary then wait until you Selma Blair here. She really gets nailed with the kind of scenes you wonder what her mother will think when she sees them. From sex with an elephant mascot, it escalates to some pretty nasty scenarios culminating in a crowd singing Aerosmith in for a reason I won't specify (so as not to ruin the joke) suffice it to say, it will not soon to be forgotten.

It's just too bad that the script is so...uneven. At points you laugh out loud and at others you sit and say, we get this, we understand, you are boring us...move along. For example, a moment in the film where they (kind of) break the the fourth wall to do a movie montage of them dressing up ala Pretty Woman. Yes, Christina Applegate really nails Julia Roberts laugh and Cameron Diaz is bang on as a Olivia Newton John look alike from Grease...but it runs long and plays itself out very quickly.

In the end, thanks to the laughs it did give me, it gets a 2.5 but it could have easily been a 3 to 3 and a half star script with just a bit more character, emotion and a few cuts of the laugh-moments that don't play out.

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