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Trouble Every Day
Trouble Every Day (Soundtrack)

Trouble Every Day Trouble Every Day Review

Directed By: Claire Denis
Starring: Vincent Gallo, Tricia Vessey

I walked out of the theater after seeing this film, trying to put my feelings toward it into words and after several minutes came up with the best I could...
Self Indulgent Repugnance!

Trouble Every Day centers on a couple honeymooning in Paris and is juxtaposed with the movements of a French doctor who spends his off hours trying to control his wife, who is prone to vampirism. The two storylines, seemingly separate converge towards the end.

My biggest beef with the film was that it was a full thirty minutes before they actually start to let you in on what's going on, irritating me with little, fragmented scenes in the meantime. I have no problems with films that use this device, (it just means I have to trust the filmmaker is going to eventually lead me through to the other side) but my patience can only be stretched so thin. By this time, when the director hits you with the gore, it's almost comical-and I stress almost. It does have one positive quality and that is the theme song, which resonates through a large portion of the film. The dark, droning vocals of Tindersticks are reminiscent of Nick Cave and Leonard Cohen.

The film, the latest from French Director Claire Denis, yet an original take on the vampire genre, is so unapologetically disjointed and tasteless, that I can't imagine anyone coming away from it feeling enriched.

Copyright© Contributed By: Tom Servo

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