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Unfaithful (Soundtrack)

Unfaithful Review

Directed By: Adrian Lynne.
Starring: Richard Gere, Diane Lane, Dominic Chianese, Chad Lowe, Oliver Martinez.

Synopsis: It all starts innocently enough. A man helps a woman when she hurts herself on the street...the man turns on the charm and inevitable there is an affair..When her husband finds out though, things take a turn for the worse. The nice thing about the trailer for this film is that so far they have only presented the first third of the story...let's hope, as far as the thriller aspect goes they leave it at that without ruining it for the audience. Based on the original French film, The Unfaithful Woman (La Femme infidèle, 1969)

Adrian Lyne, oh...Adrian Lyne I never know what to think of you...are you trying to make the Americans become more sophisticated, to see sex as a way of life and not such a serious treat it perhaps more like the Europeans...well, The French? Or does it simply fascinate you to the point that all your movies must border between sensationalism and actual thought provoking moments?

Unfaithful is though, without much argument I can assume from most, one of Lyne's better films. Although a remake, not like his last one, Lolita. [No one should remake Lolita...Kubrick got it right, move along and take no pictures.] Although the film is a little too serious about itself and wallows in some bordering pretentious mood shots, it is a very adult minded movie.

And it has a lot of sex.

However, as I watched this movie...I was looking for someone to sympathize with. I can't relate to Paul Martel (played superbly by Oliver Martinez...Hollywood knows they have a new heart throb for the ladies in this guy) who cheerfully encourages a woman to cheat on her husband. I sure as hell can not sympathize with Constance Sumner (Diane Lane) who is the one cheating on her husband for the first hour and a half of the film. Sure, the first visit was an act of kindness, the second was a repayment of said kindness, the third visit was lust, pure and simple, without it in check and I don't care if you are sophisticated or not...if you are going to cheat on your husband, don't bring your new found lover muffins...that's just tacky.

So, I am stuck watching Richard Gere and forced to side with him...but I don't like Richard Gere (although he is quite good in this flick) so I choose to side with the child Charlie (Erik Per Sullivan...Dewey from Malcolm in the Middle)

The problem I have found with Lyne's films are often they run one theme and bat you over the head with it trying to create controversies...9 ½ weeks, Indecent Proposal, Lolita, Fatal Attraction...although I still consider Jacob's Ladder one helluva fine film and a disturbing flick too! Unfaithful has a few moment where you are pretty much pummelled with obviousness though there are other moments, mostly due to Diane Lane, that are done with no words, through only actions, through a look of the eyes, a brush of hands etc. that really make some of the scenes work.

The finest moment in the film is the one that has been building for so long in the movie...the two leading men meeting. Richard Gere, the old American Gigolo, meeting the new guard, Oliver Martinez...Ed Sumner meets Paul Martel...a scene that I would cheerfully watch again...for myself Gere has never been better than in this scene and it establishes Martel as more than just a object for extramarital sex. For me, despite how much praise I have for Lane's performance, this is the scene that made the movie...not the sex scene in a cafe bathroom, not the bathtub scenes, movie theatre, hallway, or bed scenes (yes...lots of sex surprise, surprise)...this simple meeting of two men who have slept with the same woman and begin comparing versions of her life conversations with one another. It could have gone on and on and I would have still been mesmerized.

This is, considering the source, a smart, well-crafted adult film. not a thriller, but a contemplative piece that has an ambiguous ending that I loved. [Apparently there were two versions shot and despite the audience tests proving more positive for a less ambiguous ending, the studio let Lyne go with this one giving him what the film needs...a foreign film ending on a Hollywood movie].

All in all 4 stars out of five...I was going to go with 3 when I realized, I didn't need to even look up the characters names...the movie had ingrained them in my head...any movie that can make me remember the characters names a day after the fact deserves that extra star...the material obviously sunk in.

Now let's hope Lyne continues in this vein rather than returning to, say, Lolita.

Copyright© Written By: Rob Paul

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