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Friday - Super Psychic Anthony Hopkins!

Technically speaking, Day One of the festival. However, as Day One (Thursday) was just me picking up my festival vouchers it would be a very boring page. No one needs to read of my wandering around downtown, picking up some books and finally my tickets, right? Right.

So good day and welcome to Day 2.

Only one film on the slate and, of course, it is an 8:30 a.m. screening. Another Stephen King adaptation, Hearts In Atlantis. The question rolls through my head, do we need more adaptations of King's work?

In fairness, there are reasons to say yes for this one. It's directed by Scott Hicks (Shine), stars Sir Anthony Hopkins and the screenplay is by William Goldman. Another point in its favor...I have yet to read the book. So there will be no apples to oranges comparisons.

In fact, the last Stephen King book I read was Insomnia. The last before that was Needful Things. I had tried to use Insomnia to get back into King but I was so fed-up with that book I have vowed never to read another. A rule I am sure to break in the future.

Besides, seeing a Stephen King movie is a hit and miss kind of thing...well, more a hit and a miss and a miss and a miss...

Sure, we have Shawshank Redemption, and Stand By Me and Misery...but we also have Maximum Overdrive, all of the Children of The Corn, Nightshift, and so on...

If you want to read the review of Hearts In Atlantis you can check it out here instead of letting me drone on and on about the movie. After the screening I bolted back here to the Wolf to start work on the bits and pieces that make this site up and then snagged a screening of Rock Star with my film-friend (and director - check his site out) Carrington Vanston.

Tomorrow - Day 3: On the schedule, another 8:30 a.m. screening of the Steve Martin flick Novocaine and a 12 pm one of Promises of Arms. See you then.

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