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Now in its 26th year, the Toronto Film Festival is considered one of the premiere festivals of the year. In fact, in 1999 film critic Roger Ebert went on record as saying: "...although Cannes is still larger, Toronto is more useful and more important...."
However the threat of an actors strike only a month and a half ago put some fear into the festival as this would have prevented any names from showing up to promote their work. But with the disappearance of the strike, it has become celebrities as usual for T.I.F.F.
So then came the announcement of Who's Who and Who's Attending. Are you ready to start scrolling down, this may take a minute!

From the acting set: A slew of of names, Oscar nominees (and select winners) and a lot of the New Hollywood sect.
Denzel Washington
Anthony Hopkins
Uma Thurman
Ethan Hawke
Salma Hayek
Helena Bonham Carter
Tim Allen
Steve Martin
Molly Parker
Kevin Kline
Julia Stiles
John Cusack
Geoffrey Rush
Kristin Scott Thomas
Richard Harris
Debra Winger
William H. Macy
Juliette Lewis
Bob Hoskins
Christina Ricci
Kate Beckinsale
Colm Meany
Marisa Tomei
Heather Graham
and Meat Loaf Aday.

But get this, the list goes on and on...
William Hurt
Alan Arkin
Jeanne Moreau
Helen Mirren
Gina Gershon
David Schwimmer
Kiefer Sutherland
Stanley Tucci
Dermot Mulroney
Saffron Burrows
Brenda Blethyn
Jeremy Northam
Mary Steenburgen
Ben Chaplin
Christian Slater
Harvey Keitel
Don Cheadle
Stockard Channing
Rebecca Pidgeon
Billy Crudup
Charlotte Gainsbourg
Glenn Close
Stellan Skarsgard
and Benjamin Bratt
Julianne Moore
Portia de Rossi
Sissy Spacek
Joaquim Phoenix
Danny DeVito
Mira Sorvino
Ben Kingsley
Leelee Sobieski
David Paymer
Tara Fitzgerald
Anthony LaPaglia
Matthew McConaughey
Catherine Keener
Peter Fonda
Robert Carlyle
and Hayden Christensen (young Darth Vader in the next two Star Wars movies).

Sure, the stars are coming, but so are the directors:
David Lynch
Bernardo Bertolucci
Scott Hicks
Carlos Saura
The Hughes Brothers
Mira Nair
Jean-Pierre Jeunet
Mike Figgis
David Mamet
John Dahl
Paul Cox
Bruce McDonald
Richard Linklater
Michael Apted
Hou Hsiao Hsien
Bruce Sweeney
and Fred Schepisi.

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