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Day Three (by Rob Paul): Bewildering Film Freaks Abound! Part of the problem of being looped in with Industry and Press people are the limitations that are thrust upon you. You are, essentially, a prisoner of the system.

Day One/Two (by Rob Paul): Only one film on the slate today, Hearts in Atlantis starring Sir Anthony Hopkins. Of course it is at 8:30 a.m. and there is never a better way to start the day than with a film about a man with psychic powers.

Day One (sent in by Melanie Maddix): There is no better way to start the film festival. Granted, the festival itself started on Thursday, but this is my first day, which is much more important.

It's almost festival time here in Toronto and that means a lot of things. School is back in, celeb's of the Hollywood ilk will be seen and politely referred to throughout downtown Toronto coffee shops and a whole slew of cool and obscure movies will be seen and torn apart by jaded festival goers.
Keeping coming back to The Wolf for our daily coverage of the Festival as well as our Festival reviews!

What if they threw a festival and no one came?: A month and half ago with the threat of a U.S. actors strike it wasn't a joke, but with the settlement the list of celeb's coming to Hollywood North is as impressive as ever!

T.I.F.F. 2001 Facts Page: All the truly trivial info one needs to know about one of the biggest Film Festival in the world!

T.I.F.F. 2001 Volunteer Fact Page: If you thought the previous page was really full of useless facts, wait until you check this one out!

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