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Okay, this page is just trivial info for fun: Especially when you find out things like...58% of volunteers request 'the smallest t-shirt possible' when filling out their info sheets.

7603 - Volunteer shifts that need filling during the festival.
36 - Average number of hours worked by the volunteers over the ten day period.
23 - Number of Volunteers who gained employment through the festival in 2000.
Most prevalent volunteer names? Jennifer ranks number one, followed by Karen, Sarah, Michelle, Maria, Lisa and Heather.
150 - The average number of people who volunteer each day. So get there early next year!
50 - Number of languages of which the festival has volunteer interpreters.
3329 - Number of email messages recieved by the volunteer department since May.
1120 Number of volunteer alumni who request year-round information on volunteer and employment opportunities at the Toronto International Film Festival Group.
Number of volunteers who are...
Professional Film Extras (107); Filmmakers (7); Actors (5); Related to Mick Jagger (1); Travelling from other countries, Including Belgium, Germany, Korea, UK, And The US (15); Newspaper Editors (2); Beauty/Fitness Contest Winners (2); Parole Officers (1); Lawyers (5); Kickboxing Instructors (1); Lifeguards (1); Ph.Ds (3); Disc Jockeys (4).

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