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Finding Nemo - Turtle The Best, Worst and Otherwise Noteworthy of 2003

It wasn't the best of times, nor was it the worst of them. There are some pretty solid movies here and some of them were surprises. Take a look at
Tom's List
and Rob's List here.

Will SmithTop 10 Rap-Tors (Rap Artists Turned Actors) :
It wasn't too long ago that Samuel L. Jackson spoke out against the trend of Rap Artists turning into Actors. At first I agreed with him, they are not so much acting as playing a version of themselves. But really, is that the truth? There is a long history of musicians going on to a wide variety of appearances in film so this trend isn't really news. And while a few of our candidates here could be accused of playing little more than themselves, a select few have really stood out from the crowd and should be recognized for some great performances. View the full list here.

Jennifer Lopez Top 10 Doomed Celebrity Relationships

A celebrity marriage should be measured in dog years for all the crap the couple has to put up with. 1 year of marriage between two celeb's with the working on opposite sides of the globe, dealing with the gossip columns, the paparazzi is enough to drive anyone insane. So when a couple like Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon, or Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell lasts as long as they have, that's a Lifetime Achievement award in the making. (More...)

Kevin Costner Top Baseball Films

Wow, I haven't added any Top Ten Lists in quite awhile. Well, I am trying to make up for that. I have a Top Baseball List (with a few not so top ones to keep an even balance here. A few that made the grade...Bull Durham, Field of Dreams and The Natural...but hell all you have to do is click on Costner over there and you'll be able to check out the whole list, and nothing but the list. (More...)

AmelieTop Ten Flicks of 2001

Okay, a tough list to put together in a lacklustre year, but I did the best I could under very difficult circumstances. I also threw in a few honorbale mentions, a worst film of the year and some guilty pleasures from 2001. (More...)

Top Ten Holiday Flicks

I asked some friends for their favourite holiday filcks and compared it to my list. Scary thing, they were essentially the same. A couple of titles like Die Hard 1 and 2, The Ref and Home For The Holidays didn't make the cut but such is life. The ten that are here are all pretty solid in their own right. (More...)

Top Ten Childhood Flicks

A top ten list is all relative, but we have compiled ten great childhood films for your perusal and discussion. While we were at it we let you know what perks exist on the DVDs and why they are worth adding to your collection. (More...)

Evil Ash

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