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Producer: Maggie Renzi: Jan Lisa Huttner sits and talks with actress turned producer Maggie Renzi. Maggie is primarily known for her participation in the films of John Sayles including Return of the Secaucus Seven, Matewan, Limbo and their latest release, Sunshine State, just to name a few. She also produced the acclaimed film Girlfight (2000).

Allison Anders - Director/ProducerDirector: Allison Anders: She's been commercial (directing episodes of the first season of Sex In The City - though no one knew at the time it would be the hit it is) to a total indie freak (even with the upcoming Things Behind The Sun). An Allison Anders' film runs the gamut of everything people claim is missing in Hollywood films today. There is laughter, tears, story and great acting bringing us flawed but fascinating characters. As a director Anders pulls out some great performances and sometimes goes with an eclectic eye for casting.

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