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So what is DVDwolf all about? A question that I had to answer to my parents and friends and now you. An inquisitive lot you are!
See, I used to work for a dot com co. that sold DVD and videos and to keep a really long story short, I wanted to write about the products in a way that might help people from getting screwed and buying the wrong version, a lesser quality DVD, or perhaps let you know about some of the great deals that exist out there. Sounds simple doesn't it?

Sounds simple. Turns out, it's a lot of searching, comparing and then revamping pages to keep you happy and from being screwed over by those who really don't give a damn what you pay.

Anyway, we here at want to let you know what is available, what is good about the titles out there and in some cases our own personal opinions, whether you agree with them or not. Information is all we are here to give, that and a guide as to where the best deals may lie on the net.

Evil Ash

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