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We have a slew of reviewers at the Wolf. Perhaps I would even go as far as to say a plethora of reviewers but the infamous El Guapo might shoot me dead.

Over the coming weeks we will be adding their bio's here and if you ever want to agree, or better yet, disagree with any of their writing or opinions feel free to email them and let them know how much damage they have caused you!


Rob Paul - Owner and operator of Rob used to work for as Senior Creative Director but has since gone on to work on his own scripts, films etc. while working on this site (and starring in Carrington Vanston's film debut (see below) Duck, Duck, Goose.

Tom Servo - A constant contributor to the site from its beginning, Tom has excelled at seeing horror movies both independent and Hollywood style.

Colin Foster - More of a commentator than a reviewer. He constantly let's us know about DVD eggs (for example Almost Famous) while occasionally giving a quick numerical review to the certain titles as well (Royal Tenenbaums).

Melanie Maddix - Melanie contributes her thoughts and glances at movies that play during the Toronto Film Festival. She has eclectic tastes and a unique perspective on some of the titles she sees, her comments are always worth checking out.

Jann Lisa Huttner: Jan is the creative force behind FILMS FOR TWO: The Online Guide for Busy Couples. Check them out at

You think you want to write for as well, well then check out the very lax qualifications!

Evil Ash

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