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Kimberly Lynn Cole: Click Here For Kimberly Lynn's Biography

Kimberly Lynn Cole

Kimberly Lynn Cole: Click Here For Kimberly Lynn's Filmography

DVDWolf: When growing up was it always with your eyes on movies and acting? How did you end up in the field?

Yes, its weird now that I look back, but honestly I could always see myself acting, I was so melodramatic as a child. I used to watch horror films and get so hyped and then I would be alone in the house and hear the dramatic music in my head and be imagining myself in the movie, I had and still have SUCH a vivid and wild imagination. I think my greatest disappointment about making movies was the fact that the musical score was added later. I could just see me running from monsters to music when I envisioned being an actress.

I remember seeing Return of the Living Dead as a kid and just idolizing Linnea Quigley's character TRASH I wanted to be a scream queen because of her!
How I ended up in the field is a strange journey, I started out being six feet tall at 12 years old, my mother got me into runway modeling and print, then my brother was doing runway also, but he branched out into stunts and I followed along, after doing Body Snatchers I wrote an article for Independent Video and then was contacted by Timbo Davis to write an article for Monster Maker Journal and then he asked me to do a convention appearance at Fanex and then I just got on the bandwagon and I am still on it today.

DVDWolf: You are a self-professed lover of B-Films. Why the B-Movie genre?

AS for B movies, they are a lot less prohibitive and they are completely non comformist and I like the whole way over the top, overly dramatic, shocking formula of most B films, I have worked with a couple of the Legends from way back now, Dave Friedman who I worked with on Redneck Revenge (a very fun shoot but one of the worst movies ever made) and also Search For The Beast, which was an Arledge production written by Rick Montana. David is like a legend from the beginning of the B and drive-in shockarama phenomenon, Dave is like a mix between P.T. Barnum and Cecile B Demille and he quotes them both constantly! He is truly bigger than life, a living legend.
Now I am working with another living legend Ted V. Mikels on the remake of Mark Of The Astro-Zombies! I am very excited about that, he is another Living Legend! I have a copy of John McCarthy's book The Sleaze Merchants adventures in Exploitation Filmmaking and I can check off those two on my list, I hope to work with all of the people in the book. Pretty ambitious huh?

Having worked on both big budget (Body Snatchers - 1993) and no-budget films what would you say are the major differences between working on these sets?

Well thats obvious. On a B shoot not as many cords to trip over...and usually NO CRAFT SERVICE! And the pay is much much better on A films of course.
Both sets (A & B's) have their advantages and disadvantages. I worked on Body Snatchers for 4 months, I did stunts and then tried out and got a small speaking part and got to wear prosthetic fx makeup and got to pal around with the Burmans (famous fx family) and most B shoots last about 5 minutes. (Hey I got two pods from Body Snatchers as gifts!)

DVDWolf: B-Movies have required some bizarro performances from their actresses, any you would care to highlight for your readers? i.e. weirdest thing you've had to do for a flick yet?

Well I do not know about weird, on Odd Noggins, a Joe Sherlock film, I got to sit in the bed with a rotting corpse take after take, that was kewl. I had to wear a bikini and carry two GIANT bottles of Jack Daniels around the pool in Redneck Revenge that was a dumb scene now that I look back, but I would do it again in a second.
Doing stunts is always very taxing, and sometimes very emotional like for Selma Lord Selma a Disney Film about the civil Rights struggles of the 60's. We walked across the Edmund Pettis Bridge and re-enacted the freedom march for film and we were attacked by some of the same policeman that were there in the 60's. That was bizarre to me, it was very emotional. Of course it was only a restaging for the film but still VERY SCARY STUFF.
Odd Noggins would have to be the weirdest of all the roles I have done, but it is a very cute and funny little movie.

DVDWolf: How do you prepare for a role, lines, character etc?

As for preparing for a role, I usually try to do exactly as the director tells me after all it is his vision I am trying to bring to life I want to one day make my own films (doesnt everyone) and I want cooperative actors and actresses too, so I try to be one.
I have researched a couple of roles, I visited Tallulah Bankhead's home town when I got the part of her girlfriend in a Japanese film called THE TALLULAH BANKHEAD STORY.
I just always try to work hard and be professional.

DVDWolf: Any future projects you care to hype or tell us about?

Well, I think I have babbled about everything I am working on, but let me just say once again that I am so overjoyed at working with Ted V. Mikels on the remake of Mark of the Astro-Zombies and working on a project that Brinke Steven's is involved in is another special treat, she is the queen of the scream queens. Also looking forward to directing my own short that I wrote myself called The Black Doll very soon.

DVDWolf: Do you have a wish list? Projects you might like to work on be it personal or actors you would like to work with?

Kimberly Lynn Cole It is my dream to one day work with John Waters, he is awesome and Hairspray is one of my favorite movies, I would love to be involved in another Zombie Film soon, Zombies are my favorite monsters of all. I wish I could be involved in some way in Dead 4, George Romero is writing a script for number 4 I heard and I just adore his work and Savini's effects! One of my most prized possessions is an actual zombie prosthetic from Day Of The Dead signed by Tom Savini!

DVDWolf: Could you pick out your top three pix as recommendations to the readers?

My favorite top three pix of my movies would have to be:

1. Body Snatchers because I think Abel Ferrara gave us such a bleak and realistic interpretation of the invading pod scenerio in his remake of the Original. It was the most fun of all to do and even though the majority of my scenes were cut, accept for in the Directors cut version, it was a blast to do and I loved doing stunts.

2. Cremains - it will be released nationally on video January 8th, but I hear you can get it at and hopefully soon from DVDWOLF which I hear is the ABSOLUTE BEST PLACE TO GET ALL MOVIES!!!!!!! [Note from the editor: Kimberly wrote this! We swear! P.S. She's right it is listed in the filmography below to buy...]

Cremains was great because the cast was great to work with, there are some great talents there Jeff Dylan Graham and Lilith Stabbs and the beautiful Dawn DeVurger and Steve Sessions is the greatest up and coming young director.

3. Odd Noggins which is a hilariously quirky horror/sci-fi/comedy/strange and bizarre twisted little movie! Joe Sherlock was the director I have a few copies of this one to sell if thats ok, I will sign them also, $20.00 and I will enclose an autographed photo as well, hey a girl has to make a living. [Note: You can write me at while supplies last or until the zombies get me].

Copyright© Staffwriter: Rob Paul

Kimberly Lynn Cole Filmography
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