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Corey YuenJason Statham

Synopsis: You have a man you can go to for certani jobs. He transports things. He follows one simple rule. Never look at the package. Of course, rules are meant to be broken, and once he discovers he is transporting a young girl..well, all bets are off.

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Transporter (2002)
Transporter - Soundtrack

Transporter Review

Review: It doesn’t take much to make a good action film. A reasonable, if sometimes formula storyline doesn’t bother me as long as you’ve got some action sequences I have never seen before and walk away amazed by. Now a great action flick…that’s a rarity.

For the first hour, The Transporter is on it’s way to be ing a great action film. We have an anti-hero who follows his rules, he’s professional, cold, a man of few words…in other words, a man of action. It is only when he breaks his rules that the story really starts but in one way it also harms the film….in a very minimal way. It also allows for the set-up of some very unique turn-around in the genre. One of the nicest ones being the inspector who captures and releases The Transporter so he can be the vigilante that the cops are not legally allowed to be.

This presents some problems as well though. The inspector knows our ‘hero’ isn’t a good man, but the transporter is quiet about his dealings and it is only when things get out of hand does the inspector begin to put the screws to our hero…the problem with this logic is the inspector seems to have completely forgotten that this ‘hero’ is responsible for the murder of two cops. Cops, no matter what nationality, never forget a fallen officer.

However, tossing out my logic on this sequence, there are a lot of fun things to recommend this movie. A pretty wild car chase (though with some overly excessive editing), a fight sequence in oil I would love to see Jackie Chan do but Statham is fun here as well.

As action goes, it’s a harmless waste of time. I would watch it again, though I don’t know if I would buy the flick and add it to my collection. I did see one interesting thing though, and that is Jason Statham from Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Mean Machine kicking ass like he’s been an action star for years. You will be seeing a lot more of this man doing this kind of stuff…and hopefully it will just get better and better.

I guess I'm pretty hesitant about a portion of this film, and it because of the ending. There are two things about making a film I have been told time and time again...your first five minutes you need to hook your audience...and your last fifteen you have to leave them with something so it will always be memorable. Director Corey Yuen got the first half right but his finale (including some god awful dialogue by a sub-bad guy) really brings down the impact of the movie.

I won't even get into the Raiders of the Lost Ark truck chase rip-off (but maybe if you've seen it you can explain to me why The Transporter only saves one truck full of immigrants and not both).

Final score...3 out of 5. Mindless fun..but could have been so much more.

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