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What A Girl Wants

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What A Girl Wants
What A Girl Wants
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hacker ! STOp !:
Colin Firth, Chris Mulkey, Jonathan Pryce, Amanda Bynes, Anna Chancellor

Synopsis: Daphne Reynolds (Amanda Byne) is just another 19 year old girl raised by her single mother in New York City. When she discovers the identity of her father this up-and-coming singer makes the trek to merry ol' England to meet Henry Dashwood (Colin Firth). However, her appearance is not exactly warmly embraced by the rather up tight British aristocracy as she begins to spread her American ways. Throw in a love interest, the bickering of her parents and a chance to become Debutante of the year and you will see that Daphne has a lot to deal with.

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What A Girl Wants (2003)
What A Girl Wants - Soundtrack

What A Girl Wants Review

The War on Ad-Campaigns: Not wanting to look like they were against the War in Iraq, Warner Brothers is busy re-vamping their poster for What A Girl Wants with star Amanda Bynes flashing the peace symbol. Honestly...I mean, come on...really...this is What A Girl Wants...not Martin Sheen putting duct tape around his mouth and writing peace on (WHAT was that about?).

I mean...the moment you start letting the ad campaign for a film like What A Girl Wants shape your position on anything in the world is the moment you have to stop reading this site...seriously. Go away.

From the Rants N Raves Page - April 2003.

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