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Jay Clarke - Reviewer: (aka Tom Servo) grew up in Oakville, Ontario and discovered horror films at a very early age. Though writing about film is currently a hobby, he recently joined the creative team of Toronto based independent film company Solarburnite Productions and appears in their debut feature Dillenger's Diablos. Clarke's talents and knowledge extend deeply into the horror genre and give a unique perspeective within the realm. with this link
Don't forget to visit the website:

Melanie Maddix - Background techie and contributor. Melanie has been involved with DVDwolf since its inception in August of 2001 in various forms and helps keep the site up and running on the back end. If something looks amiss, or isn't as up to date as it should be Melanie would like you to know, it's not her fault and most likely not in her job description. She also runs a really cool music website called and plays the trumpet. She has also been a very reliable Toronto International FIlm Festival commentator and has a knack for writing reviews on midnight movies, cult films and off-beat asian imports.

Paul French - Reviewer, Creative Contributor and Podcast Commentator: Born in the wilds of Whitby, French grew up with a love of music and movies and contributes to the realms of both with experiences on both sides of the lens in such films as Harmonivore, Eligable Roommate and recently directed a short parodying the NHL hockey close out, with zombies. With his massive background in music, French has begun reviewing and adding music titles to that sorely neglected genre section of this website.

Trixie Jones - Reviewer, Creative Contributor: A pseudonym if ever there was one but Trixie has a day job that might conflict with her responibilities here and she would like to avoid any potential stalkers having any real access to her life. Miss Jones covers the chick flick and TV on DVD sections.

Rob Paul - Creative Editor/Writer: Rob Paul has been involved with film since he was 15 years old shooting his first shorts in a way to escape giving presentations in high school. Since then he has developed several award winning shorts, acted in shorts and full length features and carved out a niche writing and reviewing films for more than 8 years. His stints have included internet, television and print media and more recently podcasting. He can be reached via email with this link. Rob covers pretty much anything and everything as he has a rather disturbing love for anything that makes it to mass market.

Evil Ash

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